Monday, September 10, 2012

Late Entry: Creative Freebie Challenge = Gone Fishing

Hi there Everyone! *Waves a Paw*
Sorry, I have been M.I.A.  but I have been rather ill with inflammation in my entire body. The doctor thinks I may have MS (Multiple Sclerosis).  So please keep me in your prayers.

Onto my EXTREMELY Late Entry:

Gone Fishing Card

Gone Fishing Card Closeup

I gave him a camouflaged shirt to make it appropriately male *wink, wink*

I managed to just barely hike wonderful Silver Falls Recreation Trail.

Climbing Silver Falls

Coming Back down Silver Falls on the other side of the bridge at the top.

Me drinking from Silver Falls at the very top of the falls just past the bridge at the top.

The wonderful view from on top of Silver Falls.
This was a very special trip for me as this may very well be my last one ever due to my legs deteriorating on me.  I wish it had lasted longer, but my body did mot like the cold as it got so cold I hurt so very badly and had to end up running the heater in the van to warm back up. But the one night we stayed there it was like heaven.

I will always remember the babbling of the river, it was so peaceful and serene until the young clueless neighbors moved in and rudely woke us up at 6 a.m. chopping a log and yelling at each other from across the campsite. and as we were leaving another couple was coming in  and we figured it was best we left when we did so as not to get caught in the middle of an altercation between the two campsites. The young male was cocky, arrogant and thought he knew it all which is a very bad combo for out in the wild. (ie: They took off leaving their campfire smoldering with the log stuck halfway out. )

I am waiting on my doctor's office to call back with my Lab tests Results and to see where she wants to go from here. I just finished my last Medrol this morning, so I need to find out if it is ok to go back onto my Celebrex or not. So I hope she calls soon!

Sure have missed everyone {{{hugz}}}

Take care and remember to enjoy the little things as much as you can as you never know when you may lose the ability to do so. As spectacular as the big things are , it is the small things that make up your life, so learn to enjoy them in a new light.  

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Wonderful Fabric Contest to Enter + Update on ME

Hi there Everyone,

    Sorry to have been MIA for so long but I have been very ill and in a lot of pain. My dear 85 yr. old father-in-law Pa Bear was in the hospital as he had to have a foot of his intestine removed. He has been in there for the last week and they are hoping to release him early this week.
    I lost a really good crafting friend this past week as well, her name was Lynn Brookside (May She R.I.P.). Her loss was an unexpected one although I believe she knew her time was coming to an end as her last post to all of us was that she wanted us to know that she really loved us. It has been a week, but it is still hard to function at times for missing her. I think,  for me, the hardest part was knowing that she had died alone except for her poor kitty Bonnie Blue who is now missing and that she had been dead for 2-3 days before her friend came to check on her and found her. That is so hard to take in. I just pray that when it is my time to go that I have family surrounding me with love. They think that Bonnie Blue might have escaped while the ambulance was there to remove Lynn. I do pray they find her and that someone loving will take her in. I still need to make a card for Lynn's estranged daughter Angela. I just pray she will accept the card in love which is my intention. I would have done it sooner but I have been hurting too bad physically to do so.

    Onto, the happy news, I received the most wonderful present from my brother (who is in prison for the next 24 yrs.) So it is really special to me. It is a single pearlescent rosy pink rose that sits in a varnished sandstone base. It looks to be hand made. It is so very precious to me as he is.  Today is his birthday so I want to shout out to my brother HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  Stephen I love you and Miss you!!

   The last three days or so I have been keeping busy crocheting little bowls out of yarn. I plan to give a nested set of them to my dear sister-in-law who gave me the yarn to play with :O) I really hope she will make use of them! But I am not telling you who until after she gets them :o)

  Now who wants to win a lot of fabric besides me?
  Well here's your chance!!!

  Win a lifetime of fabric

  Just click on the link and it will take you directly to the form to fill out :O)
  Betcha thought I would keep this little linky all to myself didn't ya?
  As tempted as I was my good side won out so here ya go :o) Aren't I just so very nice?;o)
  Anyway, I've got to get back to making more yarn bowls  for my desk and crafting table and fancying up my binder clips. I also have my tote bag to finish. I am gonna try to do a tutorial on the tote bag. Hehe, I guess that is why it is taking me so long to do it as I am a bit nervous. It has been three weeks in the making so far as I can only handle sitting upright for a small amount of time before my back starts screaming at me to lay it down with the ice pack.

  Have a very creative week and hope to see you soon ya'll! *waves a paw*

Friday, August 10, 2012

Creative Freebie Challenge- Young Friends at the Fence

Hey there Everyone,

I'm a running really late with this challenge.

I have decided to use both images on one card this time.

Nothing like young friends in the Summer

The first one I made I ended up trashing as I had spilled water all over it ruining it.

Well, I called today and they said it looks like they are going to approve my Celebrex after my three weeks of being without it.  The lady I spoke with said that I should call back Monday to see where they were in the process of writing and sending the letters to my doctor, my pharmacy and myself. So keep those prayers coming for pain relief until I actually get it into my hands, please. 

I am currently struggling through making another paper crafting project for one of the other challenges that is due tomorrow. I hope to get it done before they close the inlinkz this time. The last time they close it too early. Otherwise, it will be a late project. I just hope it turns out like I want it to. But even if I do not get it done in time I will still post it here. 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Color Challenge- Silver, White,Blue = Family

Hey there Everyone *waves a paw*

This weeks Color Challenge at Outlawz was so fun to do as it featured one of my favorite colors - BLUE!

Here are this weeks colors: The twist was to add a charm.

Colors to use

Here is my entry:

My entry

I stamped the sentiment on Georgia-Pacific 110lb. weight card stock I got on sale at Bi-mart and because they forgot to remove the old sales sticker I got it for $2.00 cheaper. Their mistake but I profited from it at their insistence :o)

The stamped sentiment and the foliage are two Stampin' Up stamps that a church friend loaned me her entire Stampin' Up stamp sets they are the original ones one dates back as far as 1998.  So, Jean, I thank you dearly from the bottom of my heart! 

I chose to add the the sentiment Family as that is what makes Christmas so very special to me underneath the fact that it is Jesus's birthday and such a wonderful gift that God has given us. I appreciate it in so many ways that words can never accurately describe. As we humans do not speak God's language of Love, as His is completely and totally selfless, whole, pure, forgiving, uplifting, and completely unconditional. 

The paper is from my new Coral Couture Stack by DCWV. 

The snowflakes were given to me as a gift. I chose to glitter the one on the right with silver glitter to get my silver in ;o)

Unfortunately, I did not have the exact blue in paper so I chose to hit my bead stash and found one that was close and that is the big bead on my silver and white Christmas bow with the two self made "hat pins" that I made out of headpins for making earrings with.

Last, but not least, I have my little pewter reindeer charm hanging on the bottom left of my card off the silver and white Christmas bow. He is kind of in the shadows so you cannot get a good look at him other than to tell he is a charm.  He was previously a necklace pendant from a broken necklace which was given to me with a bunch of other jewelry and art prints by a previous neighbor when she was moving out of good old Briarwood. So I thank you, Hazel! I sure do miss seeing your sunny face riding your bike and running Layla along side you!

Well, y'all, I sure do appreciate the visits and the comments on my projects and I pray that you will have a most blessed week ahead of you!

Thank you so much for your prayers and support this week. They are greatly appreciated. However, my battles are not over yet. I just got one more thrown into the mix this past week.  I was also finally able to get ahold of my Disability Attorney YAY on that part. But you know what it's all good as for what Satan means for evil, God means for good! and I CAN do all things through  Christ who strengthens me!!!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Paper a la Mode Challenge- Packaging

Hey there Everyone,

This is my entry in the Paper a la Mode Challenge. The theme this week was Packaging. I chose to upcycle a couple of Vlasic pickle jars. I am showing them in action :o)

This has been a particularly rough week for me and it is still not quite over for me. It may be quite some time before things settle down for me.

 But in great news my poor father-in-law is back home and out of the hospital and Praise God he did not need the ileostomy!

Upcycled pickle jars

This week was especially painful but it did not stop me from enjoying my Nature!!!

Karen Michelle Roth

I may look like crap with my hair going every which way but loose, but I am so incredibly happy!!! I love my mountains and looking at my blue sky. No, I did not hike all the way up here. We drove most of it and I only walked a little bit of it. We saw a memorial for a gentleman who was loved. He was a an avid hiker and a hunter. I paid my respects and thanked him for sharing his wonderful beautiful view with us. It was so breathtaking to be able to see so far.

God is an amazing artist Himself......

May each of you have a very blessed weekend and a fantabulous week ahead!

Much Love,

Karen Michelle Roth

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Color Challenge - Orange You Glad I don't have the Blues

Hi there Everyone,

I hope you have had a better time than I have had this week!

It has been a rough week for me and the family.  So do, please, keep us in your prayers. {{{hugz}}}

These were the colors to be used:

This is my entry in the Color Challenge at Outlawz Challenges : 

Sorry about the poor picture, but the lighting in our apartment is really poor.

I fussy cut the flowers out. For my twist which was to add a flower I used flower shaped buttons under that embroidery floss bow :o) 
My knots on the 2nd card did not turn out that great.
This was as close to the chosen colors that I had in stock.

Well, thanks for the visit and stay creative, My Friends!

Until next we meet....

Much Love,


LATE ENTRY: Creative Freebie Challenge-Little Suzy

I had already done Lady Roxann for the Creative Freebie Challenge but I also just HAD to do little Suzy as well!

I am late with her as I have lost the use of my left arm due to extreme pain because my insurance refuses to pay for my Celebrex and my doctor has been out of the office for the last week. Because I am considered a "Complex Case" by the new Hospital's policy( the hospital took over the clinic ) no other doctor in the clinic will treat me because of this policy.  I can sort of see their point, but I think they should make an exception for when my doctor is out of the office or on vacation. I really need access to medical treatment 24/7/365 and not just when my doctor is in. My doctor will not be in until Monday which means I will have gone a week without my anti-inflammatory which means my body is wracked with pain from top to bottom,literally! I have pain in my eyes because they are swollen, I have pain in my left arm due to inflammation, and I have pain in my rump due to having Fibroids on my Piriformis muscle which makes sitting rather painful. I have to sit on an inflatable ring everywhere I go, it is quite embarrassing!

Then on top of that, my poor father-in-law Don a.k.a. Pa Bear or Bear-Bear has ended up in the hospital with his intestine folding into itself and blocking all passage of the bowels. They did a procedure on him last night that so far seems to be working but he still has a tube in place to aid in the draining of his bowels.

We were supposed to be celebrating his 85th birthday yesterday. The poor guy, he should not be in the hospital during his birthday!

So if you could keep him in your prayers I and the family would greatly appreciate it! Thanks!!!

Suzy was a fun image to color, I loved her little dress and cute!

So without further ado, Here is Little Suzy.....

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Creative Freebie Challenge-Roxann

Hello Everyone,

How are we all doing this fine evening? Great, I pray!

I did  manage to get one of my cards done for the Creative Freebie Challenge. She is so beautiful. She reminds of all the elegance one might see at a ritzy function at say the White House :o)

So here she is : May I present to you for your viewing pleasure, Dear Ms. Roxann from Sandi Huggett over at Outlawz Challenges

Roxann by Sandi Huggett

You cannot see it really but her bodice of her dress is covered in iridescent  glitter.  For the buttons on her gloves I used a shimmering pinkish-red nail polish I had on Hand.

It really does look better in person. The bow is also all shimmery. I have come to really love wire edged ribbons for bow making as they really do hold the shape better and frankly, it just looks more elegant in my opinion. Unfortunately, this was the only size I had on hand in red,lol. 

I am still waiting to hear back from my pharmacy as to which new medication I will be getting since my health insurance is refusing to cover my Celebrex. One gentleman I spoke with thinks it is because they have a couple of alternatives they would rather be used first before they will pay for the Celebrex. But we will have to wait and see I guess. But I do know from past experience that Celebrex is the only one that really worked on reducing the inflammation in my body. I know Naproxen 500 mg. is one of them and that does not work for me. I am curious to find out what the other one is though. 

Well, I pray that everyone has a wonderful week ahead of them and that get to create lots of beautiful cards, notecards, etc.

Welcome Friends, Get to Know the Real Me


Hello, My Sweet Wonderful Guests!

Without you this blog could not be possible and I sincerely thank each and everyone of you who take time out of your busy schedules to visit my little niche of cyberspace.

It is my hope to make new friends and share many wonderful creations together.

I am truly sorry if I tend to complain too much , that is not my intentions, but you know that sometimes you just have to get what is in your heart out in the open to get a better perspective on your current circumstances.

Here's my life story for those who are bored enough to actually read it as it is a highly suggested reading if you truly want to get to know the "real" me.
First of all, let me introduce myself. My name is Karen Michelle Roth and I’m Bipolar and suffer from PTSD. I am happily married and I own two types of pets, 5 Guppies in a small tank and a sassy medium-sized dog named Pepper.

My Background:

I was born at Fort Riley at the Irwin Army Hospital. My father was in the military then. We lived in Abilene, Kansas till I was old enough to go to school. My father then moved us to Hutchinson, Kansas in 1977. I do not remember much about my childhood. Over the next few years I was molested, beaten, abused, raped, and stabbed. 

 I was in an abusive marriage before I met my current wonderfully sweet husband, Ben. 

 I have two children that I do not have custody of. My son lives with his father. My daughter lived with my parents until she ran away this year with her boyfriend and his family. I truly want to thank you both for caring so much for my son and daughter.   truly pray that she is safe and doing well.  Neither of my children wants anything to do with me currently but I pray that will change for the better. In fact, my parents disowned me when I moved to better my life and to be married.

 I have tried numerous times to obtain my degree, but do to illnesses and the lack of funds I was forced to quit my pursuit of a higher education.

 My Present Illnesses:   I am currently battling  Fibromyalgia, Being HLA-B27 Positive, Asthma, Mild COPD, Panic Attacks, PTSD, Anxiety Attacks, Major Depression, Undifferentiated Spondyloarthropy, Concentric Bulging Disc in my L4-L5 region (that is spreading my Fascia nerves farther apart than they should be), Migraines, Seasonal Allergies, Pet Allergy (I WILL NOT GIVE UP MY PEPPER PAWS!!!!), Food Allergies, Both elbows and hands have Tendonitis and Carpal Tunnel. I just discovered that i now have Thyroid Issues (Enlarged with multiple Nodules on both lobes and one nodule that is made up of different materials on my Isthmus (which is the piece of flesh that holds both thyroid lobes together.

I have in the past created a number of blank and lined stationery as well as seed bead earrings I have made. I also crochet ripple afghans for relaxation. Crocheting is my stress reliever. I have just recently discovered the wonderful world of making cards and scrapbooking. It has been therapy for me as it takes my mind to a happier place where I can focus on seeing that I can make others happy with my creations.

My Dream:

It is my dream to eventually open a Non Profit Charity named "Gentle Whispers of Love".

 I have always been involved with the arts for as long as I can remember. I fully believe that everyone has a creative streak and that some of you just need some coaxing to bring it out.

It is also my dream to be the first one in my immediate family to have made it to and through college. I only have 10 credits left. I have come way too far to quit and give up the ship now.

 I am a firm believer that anyone can rise above their circumstances and become a better person for it. But I also believe that we should always remember our humble beginnings even if they are painful as they are part of who we are rather we like it or not. Not so much as to dwell upon the hurt and pain but to rejoice in just how far we have come and have grown.

Now that you have come to know me a little bit I hope you will stick around as I have a ton of love to share :o)

Much Love,

                                             Link to code and pictures

Color Challenge-Blue,Black & White

Hi there Everyone,

My entry for the Color Challenge is a wee bit late this week due to major pain and being unable to use my left arm at all today.

I tried a new flower tutorial I found online at Pinterest. It uses magazine pages and does not require glue or brads.  I found it here: How About Orange: Recycled paper Flower
My flower did not turn out like hers I think because my magazine page was too flimsy. But still I like it :o)  Marcelle,  this one is for you :O) I made it from a coffee ad. hehe, just kidding, Ya know I love ya!

I sure hope that tomorrow I feel better pain wise so I can work on this weeks card and my cards for the Creative Freebie Challenge. I have them printed out and sitting on my craft table to be colored ...does that count? ;O)

I pray that everyone is having a marvelous week {{{hugz}}}
Until next time, Keep being creative! 

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Paper Roses Tutorial

I have just found what has to be the easiest Paper Roses Tutorial.  I will have to try this myself as soon as I get the chance :o)

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. <3

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Paper a la Mode Challenge- Nature

Hello everyone,

How are we all doing? Me, well, I just finished another challenge over at Outlawz called the Paper a la Mode. This week is was based on a Nature only theme. So I thought I would get a bit creative and create myself a Nature themed notebook with notecards. Took me all week due to having a Fibromyalgia flareup due to the thunderstorms. For some reason by bulging disc does not like clouds either so it also decided to flareup severely. But it did not stop me from going out with my sweet sister0in-laws Ruthi and Maureen. We had a blast! Well, I sure know I did as this times was a belated birthday gift shopping trip. I made out like a bandit because the places we went had really good sales. Thank you Joann Fabrics and Goodwill Industries! They also took me out to lunch at this cute quaint little cafe that is also a bed and breakfast. I even ate semi-healthy! I had a Chicken Caesar Salad with Strawberry Italian Soda plus water :o) Thank you so much, Ruthi and Maureen, I love ya'!

Now onto my nature themed project :  *NOTE- Enlarged pictures may look blurry as I just could not get a clear photo of them, I think my hubby may have changed the usual settings and I cannot figure out how to choose the right settings for up close photos..Flippin' Fuji!  Oh, and in the background of the first photo you will see the main centerpiece, card basket and my bouquet for Our Vow Renewal. I still need to hot glue them. But I still have plenty of time as it won't be until June 28,2014 :o) I will also be making a Victorian Ballgown to wear. As well as a quilted wall hanging to hang up behind us while we are saying our vows :o) So some time I need to get started on those.

Nature themed notebook and card

Inside of Nature themed notebook with notecards

One of sixteen notecards for the nature themed notebook.

Sentiment on front of nature theme notecards.

I hope everyone has a very blessed week ahead of them and may you remember to find joys in the little things :o)

Much Love,

 {{{hugz}}} to ALL!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Color Challenge at Outlawz-Cranberry, Pea Green and Coffee Bean Brown

Hey there Everyone * Waves a Paw* 

 It's another fabulous week at Outlawz Challenges! I just finished my card for the Color Challenge:Cranberry, Pea Green and Coffee Bean Brown.
Make sure you Hop on over to Tami Mayberry's blog for a chance to win a prize! 
 Have a great day y'all! {{{hugz}}}

Friday, July 13, 2012

Creative Freebie Challenge: Girl

Here is my 2nd entry in the Creative Freebie Challenge :O)

I'm surprised I made two cards in the same day,lol I must have been feeling good!

Thank you so much for your cute little girl, Anne!

My goal for her was to turn her into a Peace -lovin' hippie chic :o)

I do not think you can see the background behind her very well but I colored it to look like a fading sunset. I drew waves in the water to look like the ocean. I took and drew vines that have wrapped around her leg and arm. I gave her some eyeshadow. It really is gorgeous in person.

My peace sign drawing looks like mud up against Anne's girl digi, but at least it gives off the hippy vibe I was aiming for :o) .

The heart on her jeans expresses my love for you all , my newfound cardmaking friends :o) The butterfly expresses the inspiration you all have given me since the time I started with the bloghops. The vines and flowers represent nature which I love very much (minus the snakes and spiders). The water represents the peace that flows over me from knowing Jesus as my Saviour, brother and friend. The flame represents me being refined through my daily pain-filled days. The paper flower represents my soul opening up into a beautiful creature.

Thanks for letting me take place in the challenges. I have much to learn and supplies to get as money allows. I do have a paper & ribbon fetish I can never get enough of either,lol. Yes, I love lace and pearls ,too! I'm such a sentimental romantic at heat <3

I hope you are all staying cool these days and I pray that garden survive this heat.

Much Love,


Creative Freebie Challenge: Roses

Here is my entry in the Creative Freebie Challenge over at Outlawz Challenges :o)

I have really poor lighting here at my apartment, sorry.  I just could not get a better picture even when I went outside this morning :o(

They really beautiful in person.

Anyway, Thank you Sandi for a beautiful digi {{{hugz}}}

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I'm A Winner at Outlawz 2000 Member Party

Hi there Everyone,

I'm so happy to announce that I won Mo's Digital Pencil $5.00 gift certificate for my Sketch entry at the Outlawz 2000 Member party.

That just totally made my day!

Here was my entry:

I had such a blast making so many new friends at the party. It was really fun!
A Big Thank You goes out to Colleen and her DT and to all the Sponsors! You guys throw an awesome PARTY!

I also congratulate all the other winners!

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Creative Freebie Challenge - CFC0617

Hey there Everyone...These are my late entries in the Creative Freebie Challenge over at Outlawz.

Calla Lilies

Woman with Calla Lilies

Thursday, June 28, 2012

CAS Challenge at Outlawz 2000 Member Party

This is my entry for the CAS Challenge.
I hope I did it right *frets*
I tried my best to keep this CAS,  but I usually like elaborate cards with lots of ribbon and big bows :o)

Sorry about the poor image but where I live it is getting dark with cloud cover and I really have very poor lighting in my apartment. So please bear with me :o)

Sketch Challenge at Outlawz 2000 Member party

Hi there Everyone *waves a paw*

Here is my entry into the Sketch Challenge:

My card is represents the colors of the flag of France  which is where my heart has longed to reside all of my life.  I do know how to speak French and even wrote my only published poem in French. To me France is so Romantic and suave despite it's violent beginnings. The country is beauty in motion!

I will post both the English translation and the French :o) 
I hope you all enjoy the party!

In French:

Cœur Brisé  

 Il me tarde de vivre
     avec quelque chose à donner
     J'ai le plaisir sans la douleur
     sinon, il n'ya rien à gagner.
     Je suis comme un hors mouette à la mer
     vouloir être libre
     de ce cœur brisé
     qui m'a été donnée par quelqu'un qui vient de la partie a agi.
     Car sans l'amour, il n'y a pas de cœur
     Alors laissez votre amour briller à travers,
     que votre lumière la façon dont l'amour
     et montrez à vos proches que vous êtes là pour rester.

In English:

 Broken Heart

    I'm longing to live
    with something to give
    me pleasure without pain
    otherwise there is nothing to gain.
    I'm like a seagull out at sea
    wanting to be free
    of this broken heart
    given to me by someone who just acted the part.
    For without love,there is no heart
    So let your love shine through,
    let your love light the way
    and show your loved ones you are here to stay.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Color Challenge at the Outlawz Party

This is my entry in the Color Challenge at the OUTLAWZ 2000 Member Party

I chose my state for the Color Challenge

Inside of card  

Friday, June 22, 2012

**Special Report** Needs our help now!

We need to help these people against losing their home due to a bank oversight and unwillingness to admit their error!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day!!

I just want to wish all fathers a very happy Father's Day although it is almost over.

To the men in my life who are fathers I thank you for your loving support and your little gems of wisdom. {{{hugz}}}

Thursday, June 14, 2012

New Addition to the Family

Right Now I am the worlds most proudest 1st GREAT Aunt in the world!!!
Welcome to the family little champion, Baxter {{{hugz}}} I think I shall call you li'l Babu ;o)

Tiffy I hear you were a trooper, I am so very proud of you and of you as her supporter Brendan. Love to you both.

I cannot wait til I can be able to hold this priceless little treasure that God has so richly blessed you with. I pray that it is soon. This has been pure torture for me not to be able to see him in real life yet. You may not understand the hurt I am feeling as you may not understand the importance of a precious baby to forgive me if I seem pushy or withdrawn at times. I truly cannot help it. The pain in my heart from losing my own babies is just too deep and I will never get the chance to have another myself. Life is stacked against me in so many ways that I cannot please let me have a little pleasure even if for just a little while.

Again, Congratulations on your precious little bundle of joy!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

An Early Celebration, a Prayer Request and Craft Ideas

Hey there Everyone,

Just a quick shout out to my wonderful hubby for taking me out to my favorite Mexican restaurant for lunch today. I am thinking it was an early celebration of our 8th year Wedding Anniversary. It was scrumptious!

I've been busy working on my first cross stitch pattern. it is a small simple one. I will try to get it posted by the end of the week. Key word try,lol.

Crafts may be slowing down for me if I am not able to get an eye examine I desperately need but cannot afford and my health insurance will not pay for it. I have had multiple episodes where my vision turns completely milky white on me and I cannot see or even focus for about a minute each episode and it happened twelve times yesterday. It really is quite scary when it happens.  So keep me in your prayers, please!

I still have not had the chance to work on my own Wildflower Pincushion yet. My sister-in-law just loves hers. I gave it to her yesterday while we were celebrating my husband's parent's 62nd Wedding Anniversary. Wow! That is a long time to be married in a day and age of what I call "Disposable Marriages" . Congratulations Dot and Don!

I got my Candlewicking pattern today and my cute little fabric cats pattern. I am still waiting on my rose cabochons and my "Mystery Bag of Floss", but at least it is 100% DMC. I am really excited about it and cannot wait to see what colors I do get with it!

A journal I made for myself.

A journal I made fro my sister-in-law Suzy for her birthday.

Baby photo album I jazzed up for my Great Nephew to be who is slated to my his first appearing on June 24th I believe. Can't Wait! So excited to see the little angel!

This is the beginning of an Eyeglasses Case I made out of the rim of an old Christmas stocking. it was really easy to do. Free Mini Tutorial::  Cut 2 squares of felt the same size. Sew up the long edge and the bottom with right sides together turn right side out then slip the second case inside the first and topstitch the top edge. :o) Then you can add either flowers as I have done or, add beads, or even Embroider the square before you start making it. Using the rim is fine for small glasses, but if you have bigger just use a bigger square to accommodate yours :o).  

As always, Happy Creativity and Joy until next we meet!


Saturday, June 2, 2012

Oh, Happy Day!

Hello Everyone,

I spent the day garage sale hunting and I found the most wonderful find- a wicker storage trunk for $2.50! It is now happily storing my blankets and table linens right next to my bed.  I am so very tickled!

I got a dress for free, a bell for free as a memento of a dear neighbor who just passed away this past week. Blanche may you rest in peace with the angels Hun.

I did not get to make my wildflower pincushion as I had to spend the day rearranging everything in the bedroom to make room for the wicker storage trunk. I plan to hopefully work on it tomorrow after my nap.

Sorry to be short tonight but I am really exhausted after working so hard today, but I'm happy!

Until next we meet... Happy Creativity!!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Wildflower Pincushion Finished

Hello Everyone,

I just finished my first Wildflower Pincushion!  It was so fun to make. The hardest part for me was cutting everything out. I plan to make another for myself. This one is for my loving sister-in-law Maureen who is lovingly caring for her original client Bev and now my father -in-law Don whom I lovingly call Pa Bear. She deserves a treat as she sacrifices so very much in caring for these people in her own home. Maureen, You truly are an angel! {{{hugz}}}.

Wildflower Pincushion Top View

Wildflower Pincushion Side View

I have this cute little counted cross stitch that I received as a present a few years ago that I have been thinking of using as my jumping off point to Embroidery along with Sharon B's Stitch Dictionary. The little cross stitch has a wonderful saying on it  that quotes " each day... a new beginning ". It has a view looking out of a window at the blue sky, sun,grass,and flowers. Then it has two flowers on either side of the quote and five flowers beneath the quote. it comes complete with a hoop, thread, a needle,and lace to finish it off.

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Counted cross stitch-each day

I am also thinking of doing a new tote bag as mine finally fell apart.  I have some cute ideas in mind but I am not sure I have the fabric for it right now.

In happy news, I finally received my Birthday Ballerina Slippers! YAY! They were made for me by Just Plain Flats Thank you so very much Mr. Moery !

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Birthday Ballerina Slippers

Grrr! Picasa is acting up or my net is one. So I will use Photobucket instead. I will beat the system Mwhahaha!

I wish you all a very creative day!

Until next we meet :o)

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Masquerading Crafter: Needle Case Tutorial

Masquerading Crafter: Needle Case Tutorial: Hello Everyone, Needle Case Tutorial Handmade Needle Case The inside of the needle case  1. Cut fabric to the size you wa...

Monday, May 28, 2012

Wildflower Pincushion and Crafting Links

Hello Everyone,

I sure hope that you are having a wonderful weekend.

I had a wonderful time on my birthday which was Saturday the 26th. My hubby took me for a most wonderful 8 hour round trip to commemorate my turning the big 40. It was so beautiful, so much greenery and lovely flowers, mostly Lupine. We ended the day by stopping and viewing Snoqualmie Falls.The most precious part of the whole trip was being able to spend all the time with my sweet, loving,caring,wonderful husband. It was completely computer and Android free, YAY!!!

Pardon the mess up on the pictures but it is Blogger's fault >.<
Snoqualmie Lodge

            I wish we could move the pictures to where I want them  >.< Grrr!                                                                                                 
Snoqualmie Falls

Well, here is the link to the cute little Wildflower Pincushion. Give it a try and let your creativity flow. Send me an email with a picture of yours when you finish it (or them). I would dearly love to see them.

In fact, I think I shall get started on my pincushion :o).

If you are into crocheting as I am then head on over to Crochet Me.
Another good one is Crocknit. However, she is in the middle of an upgrade and the pattern pages are not yet working except for the free patterns. I have sent her an email regarding this. 

If you are into quilting then head on over to Free Patterns  another great place to start if you are a beginner is Easy Quilts

For jewelry patterns then head on over to Fire Mountain Gems Easy Projects.

Another great place to visit is Craft Bits. They have a variety of recycled and upcycled crafts.

Well, folks that is it for today. Hopefully, tomorrow I will be posting my finished pincushion :o). If not then bear with me as I am almost out of white thread.

 Happy creating until next time we meet!


Saturday, May 26, 2012

Needle Case Tutorial

Hello Everyone,

Needle Case Tutorial

Handmade Needle Case

The inside of the needle case
 1. Cut fabric to the size you want.

*Note* You could embroider a design on the main front fabric and pocket before you start layering the pieces to be sewn together. I did not however.*
 I used a piece of felt for the inside piece to put the needles in.
 See Step 7.

The piping placement
2. Place main fabric right side up on table.
3.   Place piping on main fabric layer with the bump where the cord or yarn is on the inside.
*Note* I made my own piping out of a 1 inch strip of fabric and yarn.

adding the inside layer
4. Layer the inside piece right side down on top of the piping.

Adding the batting
5. Layer on your batting piece.

Pinning it all together
6. Layer on your last fabric piece. This piece does not matter whether you place right side up or down as it will not be seen. Pin it all around and stitch it leaving a 3 inch opening to turn it. Turn it right side out then top stitch all the way around the outside of the needle case.

Added pocket for embroidery scissors.
7. The pocket can be added on the inside piece before layering the pieces together or it can be added at the very end if you do not mind seeing the stitching on the backside of the case.

For the pocket, hem the top edge of the pocket piece. Then place it on the fabric where you want it and pin it on then stitch it.
* Note*  I put mine in the back side of the felt.

Adding the felt and marking sides for which kind of needles you want to put into the case.
8. Cut your felt to a size that is about a 1/2 inch smaller then the needle case and secure it to the inside of the case by stitching down the middle of the felt in the middle of the case.

9. Then take a ribbon of your choosing and cut it into 2 pieces of equal length long enough to tie a bow.  Stitch one side of the ribbon to the inside of the case at about the middle point on the front and back cover.

10. Close needle case by tying the ribbon into a bow.

There you have it ! Enjoy your new needle case :o)

Please send me pictures if you have used this tutorial I want to see your creativity and beautiful fabric choices.

Have a lovely creative day! Until next we meet. *waves*