Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Today has been really hard

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Hello, My Friends *waves*

Well, so far every door I have tried to open to get me my proper treatment for my medical condition has been slammed shut so please pray for Jehovah Nisi to show up on the scene. I truly need a Miracle and breakthrough.

This is a reminder to myself so pardon me for a moment.....

"I have a dream and I will push through the darkest of nights to embrace the beautiful rays of the coming dawn." ~by Karen M. Roth 

My deepest desire is to just be an inspiration to some one else that reflects a 360 degree turn in their life and thought processes, but at the moment I am having to encourage myself.

It is truly hard to not feel sorry for myself when everything has trumped itself against me. But I know that Whatever weapon has set itself up against me shall not stand. That whatever has been meant for my harm God means for my good.

 I know that it is when it is darkest that your miracle is right at hand . So I must keep pressing forward for my true  God-given Destiny is at hand. This is just the Test.

I am not what I have become and my circumstances do not make me who I am.

I am beautiful, smart,loving,compassionate, and creative......

I am just having a bad day, but I know this bad day will not last forever. I will have my victory.

I know that God has not brought me to this without the tools and skills I need to overcome this ....I am just facing my test....How well will I do ? I am forcing myself to look past my condition to see my future and the Blessings God has in store for me.

One Lesson to be learned in this and it is this.....Now I know exactly what people with Traumatic illnesses have to deal with so in the running of my non profit "Gentle Whispers of Love" I will know just how to tailor my reach and outreach.

Thank you, Lord for this Lesson and I pray that you will help me keep focused on the fun things and not on my excruciating physical pain which has debilitated me so much so that I am barely able to walk. Lord I am crawling to the beautiful feet of Jesus please water my desert. Let the springs pour forth and renew me with the Strength and grace of the Eagle I am flying in the shadow of your wings. Raise me to such heights that I can never reach on my own. In Jesus' Name, Amen

Sunday, October 27, 2013

My Favorite Charities...

Today you will find a list of my most favorite Charities to support either by prayer or with the donations I am able to make....
These are people I feel are truly trying to heal the brokenness in our world and raising warriors for the next generation by their own example. 

#1. Sewing Miles of Smiles --> I truly appreciate this lady for doing what is so hard for many to do. +Dona Reynolds . Thank you for being a Warrior and a Superhero yourself!

#2. World Vision --> My husband and I both sponsor children. I have a beautiful little girl from Romania and my husband's new little baby boy is from is from Colombia. They are so very precious to us even so much more than our own needs. As some may not truly understand what the word Charity really means. The word Charity means that you give cheerfully out of your need trusting in and knowing without a doubt that God will meets your needs and more abundantly.  This is how our needs get met each month...We lean on , trust in, and rely on God to meet our needs. But the one thing we will never do is stop our support of these precious priceless gifts that the Lord has blessed us with! Because the day we do , then our own support will end because then we would have stepped out of God's Will for our lives.

+World Vision USA I want to thank every single person involved with World Vision , even the volunteers who help with the music concerts that are held. You guys are not only making a difference in the children's lives and communities around the world,  but also back home in the United States.

 I can honestly say that I have been dramatically changed especially after attending a a +Casting Crowns
 concert that was a surprise birthday gift from my wonderful hubby, Ben.

 To Mark Hall and Casting Crowns crew:  I pray that you will continue to make songs as you are for real and you, even if you have not seen it, have made a huge difference in my own life that not only brought me back to God, but also brought me through the most tragic time in my life. I will not go into the details here but I'm almost sure you'll remember the email in 2008-2009 I sent you asking for you to pray for my brother during this time and the three small children involved. I have a praise report regarding  this that has been 6 years in the making. But I can see God definitely moving in a Positive Direction for all involved.  I am still praying for the lost years that the Locust ate to be replenished but I know this,  they will be replenished even if I do not know the exact when.

#3.  Charity Crafter -->  Making a Positive Difference. She is truly Blooming where she has been planted.  +CHARITY CRAFTER Leigh, keep bloomin',  Beautiful!

#4. Charity Wings --> Part of the Healing process. Does require a Membership, but they have different levels to match your budget. +Charity Wings Art Center  Keep up the great works Y'all!

#5. All God's Children --> They help children in Honduras that was started by a very young nun named Carmen. There are other wonderful ministries involved with them. +Allen Heerema  I just want to say that you guys are the best and I pray that all of you will be blessed for your servitude {{{hugz}}}

Well, this is such a short list for now,  but I have to listen to my body and rest now.

So Until Next Time,

Saturday, October 26, 2013

When Life Rains Down Persimmons.

Hey there Y'all! *waves and {{{hugz}}}*

So how to decide what to do when Life rains Down Persimmons....

Well, My Friends , You have one of 2 choices.....

Choice # 1 Milk it---> You can curl up in a ball ,weep, and isolate yourself from people period and let your health continue to get worse and worse because life has never been fair to you.


Choice # 2 Juice it ----> You can buck up and put on your big kids undies, lose the Binky, the Blanky and lay all the garbage going on in your life at the precious feet of Jesus and His redeeming work on the Cross and pick up a much lighter burden of just resting in the Peace of God knowing that no matter what evil has befallen you  ( Every person has had one at one time or another in their life) that we have the (to quote my favorite song by @Chris Tomlin +) "King of Angel Armies by my side...I know who goes before and I know who goes behind....He is a Friend of mine" Just to quote my favorite parts of my all time Get-out-of-the-Funky-Pit song!  (Whom Shall I Fear (God of Angel Armies)  from the Burning Lights CD). Thank you so much +Chris Tomlin The Christian Music Artist, +1 Fan here in lil Ol Ellensburg WA!

 While you may have more of an burden than the person beside you, but know something to now quote @Joel and Victoria Osteen +lakewood church , "Hurting people hurt people." ( This was such an invaluable lesson for me to learn myself ,  I thank you, Joel,  for your wonderful Insight and for just being Real {{{hugz}}} to you and your lovely wife Victoria! AND Your wonderful Mama!) 

So,  Peeps, before you get mad and take offense at people for dumping on you when you already have more than your share of wounds and hurts please take a moment to remember:

1. Every person has a Story to tell about their own Journey through this thing we call "Life".
2. The person hurting you is hurting themselves and are in need of help as well.
3. That not every person on the Earth is going to like you no matter how you may sacrifice and change for this person.  

Start looking for the Lesson (s) to be learned in amongst your pain, suffering, and sorrow and believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that God truly means only good for you...that while He may not remove you from your situation He can bring the whole thing about for your good and in the process blessing you doubly. God will replenish all the years that the Locusts have eaten. You may have to wait quite a while for it but know this IT WILL HAPPEN!!!!

I do not know which choice you will choose to make,  but I can assure you that I choose to JUICE IT!!!!
I choose to LIVE Abundantly and FREE. Life is Glorious and Beautiful when you clean off the Windshield of all the bug guts!

So until next time,

P.S. If ya would like to say a prayer for me,  these are the things:

1. Health for both the hubby and myself. Multiple major things going on all at once.
2.a comfortable mini-van (CV joints are getting ready to break and the van is too old to repair but we seriously do not have the money to replace the things we need to replace.
3. A bed-  our Box Springs are broken. 

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Joel and Victoria Osteen say that God Holds Our Victory ... (+playlist)

For most who truly know me, know that I have always tried to live my life according to God's Word, yes, I have made poor choices in my life that even to this day I am experiencing the ill effects of, but I will not live a defeated life. Because God has been so good to me even in the midst of the harshest things that life and Satan could throw my way. I am still alive and still treasuring God so much more than my own physical life.

Because I always remember that God's Mercy is new and fresh every morning. We are given a new beginning every morning we wake up. So I am choosing to receive the blessings God has in store for me by faith and that I know that even though it looks like everything is coming against me all at once and having such tribulations and trials God has a good plan for my life and I am believing that. I know I have God's favor and approval even if the people in my life turn against me.  I know that it is time to tell them I love them but they do not control me I belong to God and God alone. If anyone stands against me and does not support me then I know that they were only "with me" and not "for me",  I am waiting for my divine relationships in my future......I also know that when it is the darkest....that is the very moment I will get my Victory! So I will continue to press forward.

So far I have overcome being a Sex slave, Pornography, Alcoholism, Smoking, Fear of Abandonment, my "stinking thinking" as my Pastor Dave Saltzman calls it ;o) , Being in a Victim cycle that led me from one bad abusive relationship to another, Domestic Abuse,
I have overcome the very Messenger of Satan Himself with the Lord's help....So I know there are Victories to be had and it has pushed me beyond myself and to grow in ways I never even thought possible and ,Friends, it can happen for you as well, just turn to God for your daily or even moment to moment strength as he has promised to give us "Strength for the Day".  And we also find in Philippians 4:13 that "We can do ALL things through Christ Jesus who strengthens us".

So I want to encourage you to step out of Defeat and into the Good life with Faith (Remember that all it takes is a Mustard Seed size Faith and you do not have to come clean to come to Jesus just meet Him where you are at this very moment) and you will receive the Victories that you need in your life...Just Hold On to Jesus. He will never forsake you or leave you even when everyone else in your life has.  Just remember that God is bringing better people into your life to help strengthen you and to help you grow to maturity.

May You Be Richly and Abundantly Blessed......

Until Next Time,

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Inspiration for the Day and My Thoughts

I openly admit it I am a Christian and I will always hand God this life of mine as it is not my own I was just blessed with it for a little while. God has been the Father I never really had in my life and for my Comfort He was my Friend when I had none that I could call true. God is Faithful and True as he knows everything even the things that you are keeping so well a secret from those close to you. Just stop and turn around where you are this very moment and look up and run to the open arms that have been there waiting for you to just stop running and to turn around.  Please, let Him be your life and your all. He does Love you and has only your eternal good in heart and mind. He is the only thing that can fill the void in your heart that you have been trying to fill  so desperately without success.

 I am so glad that I have found Joel Osteen!

 Mr. Osteen has been such an inspiration in my life especially here lately since I have been too ill to attend my own church. I even watched his dear father before he passed on to a much better place. That is one reason I miss my television and Cable....

But behind every Godly man....

Dear Joel, is a an equally strong Godly Woman.....So Remember to thank your sweet wife Victoria for all that she supports you in and for all the times that she had said silent prayers for you and the silent tears she shed for you while she was alone at home.

Dear Victoria, Remember to thank Joel for all the times he has Spiritually Led, Protected, and Provided for you. For all the times he was praying for you when you thought he did not even care.

And I personally want to pray for both of you as I know only too well that to whom much is given , much is required. That you are fighting battles the public eye never sees and I want to thank both of you for your faithful service. Never lose your Hope {{hugz}}

So Men, Remember that God put us women here to help you to see the details of how to get from point a to point B. We women are the Nurturers and Comforters in your life so let us do our God-given job will ya, please?

But on the same note, Women remember that God gave you your man as your Protector, Spiritual Leader and Provider in your life so Women hear me well, Let your Godly Man do his God-given job in your life will ya, please?

This is the point where most marriages fall apart because we are so busy trying be who we are while neglecting to see the other person for who they are in Christ Jesus. Because we are so focused on all the petty little things that the other person is doing that we cannot stand or just plain do not like. Satan has you right where he wants you he got your eyes off the Redeeming work of the Cross and the Unconditional Love of Jesus Christ our true Role Model. 

So Let us readjust our Focus daily by spending time with Christ before we even start our day, because when you have spent time with Christ then the petty stuff of the day just washes off of you and you can say, " It Don't Matter, I love you". 

Because I will tell you a little clue, Love and Complements will win more battles than all your nagging,screaming,ranting,raving and if you just look at that finger staring you in the face it is your own telling you that you are not what you should be or where you should be. So just pause and go meet with God.

Until Next Time I will leave you with this thought.......


Monday, October 21, 2013

Time to Face the Facts, Ma'am...Let's Get Real!

Flat Belly Diet Recipes - This is a week's worth of healthy dishes and a shopping list for MUFA"S. It's like a Mediterranean Diet.

I am getting serious about getting serious about losing weight in a healthy way to also reduce my high Triglycerides. 255 is just too high. But I also want to make sure that it does not trigger my food allergies and Migraines so it may be trial and error for a while but I am praying that my hubby will jump on this boat with me.

At least my hubby is lucky in one aspect, he can still exercise by going hiking whereas I am not able to do so as I can barely even walk.

So say a prayer and wish me luck!

See what I mean?

Hey, it was windy what can I say, lol :o)

Ok, Folks, It's time to Get Real.....

For only being 5 foot 3.25 inches tall I do weigh way, way too much. I weigh in at sopping wet 155 pounds. I should be at 120 pounds, but I think 110 would be better for my Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Undifferentiated Spondyloarthrophy, Asthma, COPD.

The changes will start as soon as I get over this stupid Salmonella H. Bug....I do not in any way shape or form wish this on even my worst enemy. 

I am already walking twice a day.  Gonna start back on my strength exercises to try to get my Core Muscles back since I have lost them all due to being in so much physical pain. It will be an all uphill battle but I have something that is pushing me forward....My Vow Renewal.

 I love my husband Ben ever so much more than even he realizes. I see him in a way that noone ever has, I do not see him as he is but what his true potential is.  His family had pretty much left him to himself instead of dealing with the fact that he is Developmentally Challenged. They treated him like he was always "Normal" which was the worst thing they ever could have done. I do give props to his sister Ruthi as she has spent a lot of time trying to make up for the way they treated him when he was younger. Yes, he requires special care.  He does require a lot more patience, more compassionate love, more understanding that sometimes things just do not click correctly in his mind,  but let me iterate,  that this does in no way make him stupid, unintelligent, or a troublemaker throwing a temper tantrum in any way. He is super intelligent but he has Social Anxiety that blocks his path. If you put too much pressure on him he will have a complete Mental Meltdown...So I have learned that it is best to just say what I want to say to him and then just keep quiet and just let him process what I had just said. Sometimes it takes longer for him to understand than others. Then I let him come to me when he is ready.  I have learned that if you let him take things at his pace, life is much more enjoyable for both of us. 

But I am not without my own faults, I suffer from Abandonment issues from my own childhood, PTSD, Anxiety, Panic Attacks and to boot a major bad Anger Management issue. Plus, living with the poor choices I made in regards to both of my beautiful Children Brianna and Cody for which I am truly regretful, but I cannot change my past I can only acknowledge it and learn the lessons to be learned , ask for Forgiveness and to accept the wonderful mercy of God and move in a Forward Fashion. But I do truly pray for them daily and ask for Restoration of our relationships when they are both ready. I love you both more then you will ever realize. Will you please take the Higher Road and Forgive me?

 But first,  I just want to say that I am so very Proud of you Brianna, You are Strong, Smart, Creative, Precious and Beautiful. Cody, I am so very proud of you, as You are Sincere, Handsome, Brave, Precious. I still retain all my Precious Memories of our good times. I ask that you forgive me for all the hurt I out you through when I thought that sincerely I was preserving your lives. But the one person I had trusted had let us all down because they refused to get the help that they needed. I will not mention this person's name as I am still praying for them to accept the Medical and Mental help that they need. But in everything, I have chosen to forgive and release all the burden's that came from Guilt, Shame,Hurt,Wanting Vengeance for being used, abused, and tossed into the garbage heap. For being unwanted ....

  But I just want to say that God has been very gracious to all of  those involved in our lives and know that we are "Growing Slowly Wise". Thanks to dear Mr. David Roper I have been realizing alot of my own errors in the way I was handling things.  I now realize that everything I say, think or do boils down to this, Which Choice Will I make? I can choose to take the low road and be miserable for the rest of my life or I can choose the higher road that in the end benefits everyone in my life. So from now on I choose the latter. { NOTE***** I will willingly freely Sponsor this author and publishing company Discovery House.*****} All I can say is if you slowly read and chew on just the facts not your imaginations you will definitely learn alot and have a strong season of Growth.

I pray that you and yours have a marvelous week  and I choose to Bless and not Curse. This is not something done lightly. It has taken much thought, tears, and woundedness and acceptance of self as I am to come to this point. 

But like the Butterfly, I am in my Season of Growth and,  yes,  it may hurt for a time, but it is only temporary as you look at Eternity with The One who has Redeemed me from the pit of Eternal Death. Thank You Jesus for Loving even me.....

Until Next Time,