Saturday, June 30, 2012

Creative Freebie Challenge - CFC0617

Hey there Everyone...These are my late entries in the Creative Freebie Challenge over at Outlawz.

Calla Lilies

Woman with Calla Lilies

Thursday, June 28, 2012

CAS Challenge at Outlawz 2000 Member Party

This is my entry for the CAS Challenge.
I hope I did it right *frets*
I tried my best to keep this CAS,  but I usually like elaborate cards with lots of ribbon and big bows :o)

Sorry about the poor image but where I live it is getting dark with cloud cover and I really have very poor lighting in my apartment. So please bear with me :o)

Sketch Challenge at Outlawz 2000 Member party

Hi there Everyone *waves a paw*

Here is my entry into the Sketch Challenge:

My card is represents the colors of the flag of France  which is where my heart has longed to reside all of my life.  I do know how to speak French and even wrote my only published poem in French. To me France is so Romantic and suave despite it's violent beginnings. The country is beauty in motion!

I will post both the English translation and the French :o) 
I hope you all enjoy the party!

In French:

Cœur Brisé  

 Il me tarde de vivre
     avec quelque chose à donner
     J'ai le plaisir sans la douleur
     sinon, il n'ya rien à gagner.
     Je suis comme un hors mouette à la mer
     vouloir être libre
     de ce cœur brisé
     qui m'a été donnée par quelqu'un qui vient de la partie a agi.
     Car sans l'amour, il n'y a pas de cœur
     Alors laissez votre amour briller à travers,
     que votre lumière la façon dont l'amour
     et montrez à vos proches que vous êtes là pour rester.

In English:

 Broken Heart

    I'm longing to live
    with something to give
    me pleasure without pain
    otherwise there is nothing to gain.
    I'm like a seagull out at sea
    wanting to be free
    of this broken heart
    given to me by someone who just acted the part.
    For without love,there is no heart
    So let your love shine through,
    let your love light the way
    and show your loved ones you are here to stay.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Color Challenge at the Outlawz Party

This is my entry in the Color Challenge at the OUTLAWZ 2000 Member Party

I chose my state for the Color Challenge

Inside of card  

Friday, June 22, 2012

**Special Report** Needs our help now!

We need to help these people against losing their home due to a bank oversight and unwillingness to admit their error!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day!!

I just want to wish all fathers a very happy Father's Day although it is almost over.

To the men in my life who are fathers I thank you for your loving support and your little gems of wisdom. {{{hugz}}}

Thursday, June 14, 2012

New Addition to the Family

Right Now I am the worlds most proudest 1st GREAT Aunt in the world!!!
Welcome to the family little champion, Baxter {{{hugz}}} I think I shall call you li'l Babu ;o)

Tiffy I hear you were a trooper, I am so very proud of you and of you as her supporter Brendan. Love to you both.

I cannot wait til I can be able to hold this priceless little treasure that God has so richly blessed you with. I pray that it is soon. This has been pure torture for me not to be able to see him in real life yet. You may not understand the hurt I am feeling as you may not understand the importance of a precious baby to forgive me if I seem pushy or withdrawn at times. I truly cannot help it. The pain in my heart from losing my own babies is just too deep and I will never get the chance to have another myself. Life is stacked against me in so many ways that I cannot please let me have a little pleasure even if for just a little while.

Again, Congratulations on your precious little bundle of joy!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

An Early Celebration, a Prayer Request and Craft Ideas

Hey there Everyone,

Just a quick shout out to my wonderful hubby for taking me out to my favorite Mexican restaurant for lunch today. I am thinking it was an early celebration of our 8th year Wedding Anniversary. It was scrumptious!

I've been busy working on my first cross stitch pattern. it is a small simple one. I will try to get it posted by the end of the week. Key word try,lol.

Crafts may be slowing down for me if I am not able to get an eye examine I desperately need but cannot afford and my health insurance will not pay for it. I have had multiple episodes where my vision turns completely milky white on me and I cannot see or even focus for about a minute each episode and it happened twelve times yesterday. It really is quite scary when it happens.  So keep me in your prayers, please!

I still have not had the chance to work on my own Wildflower Pincushion yet. My sister-in-law just loves hers. I gave it to her yesterday while we were celebrating my husband's parent's 62nd Wedding Anniversary. Wow! That is a long time to be married in a day and age of what I call "Disposable Marriages" . Congratulations Dot and Don!

I got my Candlewicking pattern today and my cute little fabric cats pattern. I am still waiting on my rose cabochons and my "Mystery Bag of Floss", but at least it is 100% DMC. I am really excited about it and cannot wait to see what colors I do get with it!

A journal I made for myself.

A journal I made fro my sister-in-law Suzy for her birthday.

Baby photo album I jazzed up for my Great Nephew to be who is slated to my his first appearing on June 24th I believe. Can't Wait! So excited to see the little angel!

This is the beginning of an Eyeglasses Case I made out of the rim of an old Christmas stocking. it was really easy to do. Free Mini Tutorial::  Cut 2 squares of felt the same size. Sew up the long edge and the bottom with right sides together turn right side out then slip the second case inside the first and topstitch the top edge. :o) Then you can add either flowers as I have done or, add beads, or even Embroider the square before you start making it. Using the rim is fine for small glasses, but if you have bigger just use a bigger square to accommodate yours :o).  

As always, Happy Creativity and Joy until next we meet!


Saturday, June 2, 2012

Oh, Happy Day!

Hello Everyone,

I spent the day garage sale hunting and I found the most wonderful find- a wicker storage trunk for $2.50! It is now happily storing my blankets and table linens right next to my bed.  I am so very tickled!

I got a dress for free, a bell for free as a memento of a dear neighbor who just passed away this past week. Blanche may you rest in peace with the angels Hun.

I did not get to make my wildflower pincushion as I had to spend the day rearranging everything in the bedroom to make room for the wicker storage trunk. I plan to hopefully work on it tomorrow after my nap.

Sorry to be short tonight but I am really exhausted after working so hard today, but I'm happy!

Until next we meet... Happy Creativity!!