Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Major Bummed....I am lost in the Vast World of Boredom

Hi there my Friends *waves a paw*

Sorry to have disappeared.....We lost our internet and cannot afford to get it back again. I
have just been approached for an editing job. I am taking it.....Yay and it's for pay!

God works in mysterious ways!

In health news, I have been in the hospital for a short three day heavy antibiotics and Prednisone stay. Now I have had 2 colonoscopies within a month of each other ugggh! I have been diagnosed with Lympocytic Colitis which is good news.  It is not Ulcerative Colitis like they originally thought.

I think I may have a very rare Endocrine Disease that I have been trying like mad to find the link to the article for my doctor.

Catch ya later!