Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Masquerading Crafter: Upcoming New Year Promising Expansion

Masquerading Crafter: Upcoming New Year Promising Expansion

Upcoming New Year Promising Expansion

Hello, My Friends *waves a paw *

This past year has been a really tough time for me. Between my health going to pot and losing many dear friends to cancer. Losing my husband 's father. Finding out that my Father is in the last stage of Young Onset Parkinson Disease with Dementia and that I may also have it  as well. I am praying that it is my Thyroid level being too low, but I highly doubt it is.

I'm going to see 3 different types of doctors tomorrow so please pray for me. The Cardiologist, the Endocrinologist and the  Rheumatologist. Right now I am trying to get over a nasty virus and UT I {Urinary tract infection}. I did not have the usual symptoms one might have. I ended up with severe vertigo, lightheadness, dizziness, and inflammation in my ribs, lower back and rump. Not fun at all!

I go back later this week to see the Orthopedic doctor to see if the Enchondroma {a Bone Tumor made up of a Cartilage like material.} has grown. If it has, it means that I have Bone Cancer. So please keep me in your prayers and thoughts.

In great news, I am going to be complete the Editing job I am working on and then the real fun begins! I am getting ready to revamp my site and I am utterly going to be enjoying the entire process, for real. I will post the link here when I am up and running. I am contemplating moving to @Weebly though. I will still be on @Twitter and @Pinterest, my home away from home, lol.

Until We Next Meet,

Karen M. Roth a. k. a.