Friday, April 27, 2012

Baby Afghan and Health News

Hey there Everyone,

   How are we today? Me, not so well.
   I have been having intra-cranial pressure building up since February 23rd. The doctor thought it was Shingles so I have gone through two prescriptions and still not any better. So I am trying to get her to okay an MRI to find out what is really going on with my head. I have developed visual disturbances and I have almost fallen three times this week. The pressure is building steadily. She wants to send me to the pain clinic to get a nerve block but I told them that I was trying to get my doctor to order an MRI and that I really did not want to waste the doctor's time with the nerve block if it calls for something else. They were very understanding and told me to give them a call if I changed my mind.

   On to the good things!

   I finished that baby afghan I have been teasing you guys with and I think it is gorgeous!

    I started out with oversized granny squares.  I was desperate to find a way to join them. My way just wasn't working. So I googled and ran across Carina's Craft Blog
She was a life saver and didn't even know it! Check her out sometime. 

  You cannot see it in the picture but the light colored squares are actually a pale pastel blue, yellow, green,  pink and white.  Man was this yarn ever soft! I even made a couple of washcloths with the antique white yarn and they left my body so soft and silky. As soon as I have time and get to feeling better I plan on making some more. I wove ribbon throughout the edge of the afghan and stitched it down with my sewing machine. I also gave her a photo album that I had decorated with ephemera, ribbon, and buttons. It was so cute.  I divided it into activities and special moments such as "Playtime", "Daddy's Boy", "Dream it Up Little One", "Momma's Sunshine" just to name a few. Then I also gave my niece a devotional book just for Mommies. I was so very touched when my niece told me that our gifts would be family heirlooms. I almost started to cry because I was so very happy as that was my very wish while I was working on the baby afghan. I prayed over that afghan so many times as we all were afraid that since both parents were Preemies that this baby would also be a Preemie. But so far he is heading towards full term!. He appears to be strong and very healthy. According to my niece she told everyone when they had a 3D Sonogram (?sp.) that he looked so cute and angelic.  I cannot wait to see him!  I am so looking forward to being a Great-Aunt.

  In other news, I ordered the fabric for the skirt part of my Vow Renewal Dress. I received the lace trim yesterday. I just love the fabric to my skirt I plan on mixing it with a white polished cotton as it is polished cotton as well. I cannot wait to get started on my dress but I have to wait until I can order the rest of the fabric needed.

 Here's a snippet of it:

   Is this gorgeous or what! It is so romantic. I am such a romantic at heart and very sentimental. I just love the roses.

  Well, that's it for now. Happy crafting until next we meet!