Saturday, January 21, 2012

Please Help My Good Friend Al

       Why is this at the top of my post?
       Because I strongly believe in this gentle man's right to stay in the United States of America! We are to be a safe harbor to those who just like us are just seeking to live their lives in freedom. Is that not what the United States has stood for all these many centuries? Why now change our Motto: In God We Trust? To say simply that we only trust God sometimes but only when it is convenient for us. My dear friend Al, we are all on our knees praying for your freedom at this very moment and for the safety of your mother.

       In other news, my back is still in the process of healing. I've been denied Disability benefits due to too many discrepancies between what I am telling the judge and what my records actually show as I can never seem to catch my own doctor in the  office to get her up to date. Then when I do, the time frame is too short to really discuss anything and due to the clinic's new policy I cannot be treated by the other physicians there as I am considered a complicated case.  I invite the Administrative Law Judge to live just one day at my house and she will see that I am telling the truth. My lawyer is appealing with a different focus this time. Personally, I feel that Fibromyalgia has completely wrecked my life and that without proper healthcare access such as the medical coupon through DSHS, I never will get better. Right now DSHS is still mailing me paperwork to fill out once again declaring my Adult Functionality and my Ancient Work History 15 years past. So I am still in limbo on that decision as well.

     In recent news, my father-in-law fell on Christmas Eve and fractured his spine and the family is going through a huge adjustment period as he has been taken in by my brother-in-law and his wife. and poor Pa Bear as we call him still insists on being an Olympic Jumper at 84 years old. Gotta slow down there Pa Bear!

     I have not had the chance to do much crafting as they are increasing my Gabapentin and it has pretty much had me tied to the bed as has wrenching my back trying to help poor Pa Bear the one time I was able to visit him in rehab. The back is doing slightly better with the medication increase and the wonderful present I received from one of my sister-in-law's Suzy,{ Yay for Suzy! }She bought me a really nice thick foam mattress for my bed and two other pieces for my desk chair and my crafting chair! They have been a huge help with the back pain.
    I am still battling trying to get my Fibromyalgia under control. Seems like I have been on one huge long flare-up. With the increase in my medication I am sleeping better and most of the way through the night. I am still so very stiff in the mornings that it is usually an hour after taking my morning medications that I can even think about loosening up my muscles and start moving. I am still really exhausted. I can manage being up for about five hours max then I take a four hour nap then I go to bed early to boot. So it kind of makes it really hard to have much of a relationship with the hubby. But as long as the hubby has his computers he is entertained. However, I made the audicity of asking him to play a movie for me on his puter as my monitor gave up and I am using a loaner monitor that the screen is all messed up on so I am not on the puter much these days due to it giving me a headache trying to read the old CTL way, not as crisp and clear as an LCD monitor. Anyhow, the movie was "G-Force",  Loved it! But then I am a computer artist who fiddles with 3-d models *sheepish grin*  Rump is giving out, I'm off for now and please remember to help my good friend Al out !!