Saturday, June 2, 2012

Oh, Happy Day!

Hello Everyone,

I spent the day garage sale hunting and I found the most wonderful find- a wicker storage trunk for $2.50! It is now happily storing my blankets and table linens right next to my bed.  I am so very tickled!

I got a dress for free, a bell for free as a memento of a dear neighbor who just passed away this past week. Blanche may you rest in peace with the angels Hun.

I did not get to make my wildflower pincushion as I had to spend the day rearranging everything in the bedroom to make room for the wicker storage trunk. I plan to hopefully work on it tomorrow after my nap.

Sorry to be short tonight but I am really exhausted after working so hard today, but I'm happy!

Until next we meet... Happy Creativity!!

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