Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sketch Challenge at Outlawz 2000 Member party

Hi there Everyone *waves a paw*

Here is my entry into the Sketch Challenge:

My card is represents the colors of the flag of France  which is where my heart has longed to reside all of my life.  I do know how to speak French and even wrote my only published poem in French. To me France is so Romantic and suave despite it's violent beginnings. The country is beauty in motion!

I will post both the English translation and the French :o) 
I hope you all enjoy the party!

In French:

Cœur Brisé  

 Il me tarde de vivre
     avec quelque chose à donner
     J'ai le plaisir sans la douleur
     sinon, il n'ya rien à gagner.
     Je suis comme un hors mouette à la mer
     vouloir être libre
     de ce cœur brisé
     qui m'a été donnée par quelqu'un qui vient de la partie a agi.
     Car sans l'amour, il n'y a pas de cœur
     Alors laissez votre amour briller à travers,
     que votre lumière la façon dont l'amour
     et montrez à vos proches que vous êtes là pour rester.

In English:

 Broken Heart

    I'm longing to live
    with something to give
    me pleasure without pain
    otherwise there is nothing to gain.
    I'm like a seagull out at sea
    wanting to be free
    of this broken heart
    given to me by someone who just acted the part.
    For without love,there is no heart
    So let your love shine through,
    let your love light the way
    and show your loved ones you are here to stay.


  1. I really love your card and the poem is so pretty! Thank you for playing at the Outlawz party!! Hugz, Colleen

    1. Thank you very much, hun {{{hugz}}} That makes me feel so special coming from such a talented and sweet lady such as yourself, dear Colleen!


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