Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Inspiration for the Day and My Thoughts

I openly admit it I am a Christian and I will always hand God this life of mine as it is not my own I was just blessed with it for a little while. God has been the Father I never really had in my life and for my Comfort He was my Friend when I had none that I could call true. God is Faithful and True as he knows everything even the things that you are keeping so well a secret from those close to you. Just stop and turn around where you are this very moment and look up and run to the open arms that have been there waiting for you to just stop running and to turn around.  Please, let Him be your life and your all. He does Love you and has only your eternal good in heart and mind. He is the only thing that can fill the void in your heart that you have been trying to fill  so desperately without success.

 I am so glad that I have found Joel Osteen!

 Mr. Osteen has been such an inspiration in my life especially here lately since I have been too ill to attend my own church. I even watched his dear father before he passed on to a much better place. That is one reason I miss my television and Cable....

But behind every Godly man....

Dear Joel, is a an equally strong Godly Woman.....So Remember to thank your sweet wife Victoria for all that she supports you in and for all the times that she had said silent prayers for you and the silent tears she shed for you while she was alone at home.

Dear Victoria, Remember to thank Joel for all the times he has Spiritually Led, Protected, and Provided for you. For all the times he was praying for you when you thought he did not even care.

And I personally want to pray for both of you as I know only too well that to whom much is given , much is required. That you are fighting battles the public eye never sees and I want to thank both of you for your faithful service. Never lose your Hope {{hugz}}

So Men, Remember that God put us women here to help you to see the details of how to get from point a to point B. We women are the Nurturers and Comforters in your life so let us do our God-given job will ya, please?

But on the same note, Women remember that God gave you your man as your Protector, Spiritual Leader and Provider in your life so Women hear me well, Let your Godly Man do his God-given job in your life will ya, please?

This is the point where most marriages fall apart because we are so busy trying be who we are while neglecting to see the other person for who they are in Christ Jesus. Because we are so focused on all the petty little things that the other person is doing that we cannot stand or just plain do not like. Satan has you right where he wants you he got your eyes off the Redeeming work of the Cross and the Unconditional Love of Jesus Christ our true Role Model. 

So Let us readjust our Focus daily by spending time with Christ before we even start our day, because when you have spent time with Christ then the petty stuff of the day just washes off of you and you can say, " It Don't Matter, I love you". 

Because I will tell you a little clue, Love and Complements will win more battles than all your nagging,screaming,ranting,raving and if you just look at that finger staring you in the face it is your own telling you that you are not what you should be or where you should be. So just pause and go meet with God.

Until Next Time I will leave you with this thought.......


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