Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Today has been really hard

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Hello, My Friends *waves*

Well, so far every door I have tried to open to get me my proper treatment for my medical condition has been slammed shut so please pray for Jehovah Nisi to show up on the scene. I truly need a Miracle and breakthrough.

This is a reminder to myself so pardon me for a moment.....

"I have a dream and I will push through the darkest of nights to embrace the beautiful rays of the coming dawn." ~by Karen M. Roth 

My deepest desire is to just be an inspiration to some one else that reflects a 360 degree turn in their life and thought processes, but at the moment I am having to encourage myself.

It is truly hard to not feel sorry for myself when everything has trumped itself against me. But I know that Whatever weapon has set itself up against me shall not stand. That whatever has been meant for my harm God means for my good.

 I know that it is when it is darkest that your miracle is right at hand . So I must keep pressing forward for my true  God-given Destiny is at hand. This is just the Test.

I am not what I have become and my circumstances do not make me who I am.

I am beautiful, smart,loving,compassionate, and creative......

I am just having a bad day, but I know this bad day will not last forever. I will have my victory.

I know that God has not brought me to this without the tools and skills I need to overcome this ....I am just facing my test....How well will I do ? I am forcing myself to look past my condition to see my future and the Blessings God has in store for me.

One Lesson to be learned in this and it is this.....Now I know exactly what people with Traumatic illnesses have to deal with so in the running of my non profit "Gentle Whispers of Love" I will know just how to tailor my reach and outreach.

Thank you, Lord for this Lesson and I pray that you will help me keep focused on the fun things and not on my excruciating physical pain which has debilitated me so much so that I am barely able to walk. Lord I am crawling to the beautiful feet of Jesus please water my desert. Let the springs pour forth and renew me with the Strength and grace of the Eagle I am flying in the shadow of your wings. Raise me to such heights that I can never reach on my own. In Jesus' Name, Amen

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