Sunday, October 27, 2013

My Favorite Charities...

Today you will find a list of my most favorite Charities to support either by prayer or with the donations I am able to make....
These are people I feel are truly trying to heal the brokenness in our world and raising warriors for the next generation by their own example. 

#1. Sewing Miles of Smiles --> I truly appreciate this lady for doing what is so hard for many to do. +Dona Reynolds . Thank you for being a Warrior and a Superhero yourself!

#2. World Vision --> My husband and I both sponsor children. I have a beautiful little girl from Romania and my husband's new little baby boy is from is from Colombia. They are so very precious to us even so much more than our own needs. As some may not truly understand what the word Charity really means. The word Charity means that you give cheerfully out of your need trusting in and knowing without a doubt that God will meets your needs and more abundantly.  This is how our needs get met each month...We lean on , trust in, and rely on God to meet our needs. But the one thing we will never do is stop our support of these precious priceless gifts that the Lord has blessed us with! Because the day we do , then our own support will end because then we would have stepped out of God's Will for our lives.

+World Vision USA I want to thank every single person involved with World Vision , even the volunteers who help with the music concerts that are held. You guys are not only making a difference in the children's lives and communities around the world,  but also back home in the United States.

 I can honestly say that I have been dramatically changed especially after attending a a +Casting Crowns
 concert that was a surprise birthday gift from my wonderful hubby, Ben.

 To Mark Hall and Casting Crowns crew:  I pray that you will continue to make songs as you are for real and you, even if you have not seen it, have made a huge difference in my own life that not only brought me back to God, but also brought me through the most tragic time in my life. I will not go into the details here but I'm almost sure you'll remember the email in 2008-2009 I sent you asking for you to pray for my brother during this time and the three small children involved. I have a praise report regarding  this that has been 6 years in the making. But I can see God definitely moving in a Positive Direction for all involved.  I am still praying for the lost years that the Locust ate to be replenished but I know this,  they will be replenished even if I do not know the exact when.

#3.  Charity Crafter -->  Making a Positive Difference. She is truly Blooming where she has been planted.  +CHARITY CRAFTER Leigh, keep bloomin',  Beautiful!

#4. Charity Wings --> Part of the Healing process. Does require a Membership, but they have different levels to match your budget. +Charity Wings Art Center  Keep up the great works Y'all!

#5. All God's Children --> They help children in Honduras that was started by a very young nun named Carmen. There are other wonderful ministries involved with them. +Allen Heerema  I just want to say that you guys are the best and I pray that all of you will be blessed for your servitude {{{hugz}}}

Well, this is such a short list for now,  but I have to listen to my body and rest now.

So Until Next Time,

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