Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Wonderful Fabric Contest to Enter + Update on ME

Hi there Everyone,

    Sorry to have been MIA for so long but I have been very ill and in a lot of pain. My dear 85 yr. old father-in-law Pa Bear was in the hospital as he had to have a foot of his intestine removed. He has been in there for the last week and they are hoping to release him early this week.
    I lost a really good crafting friend this past week as well, her name was Lynn Brookside (May She R.I.P.). Her loss was an unexpected one although I believe she knew her time was coming to an end as her last post to all of us was that she wanted us to know that she really loved us. It has been a week, but it is still hard to function at times for missing her. I think,  for me, the hardest part was knowing that she had died alone except for her poor kitty Bonnie Blue who is now missing and that she had been dead for 2-3 days before her friend came to check on her and found her. That is so hard to take in. I just pray that when it is my time to go that I have family surrounding me with love. They think that Bonnie Blue might have escaped while the ambulance was there to remove Lynn. I do pray they find her and that someone loving will take her in. I still need to make a card for Lynn's estranged daughter Angela. I just pray she will accept the card in love which is my intention. I would have done it sooner but I have been hurting too bad physically to do so.

    Onto, the happy news, I received the most wonderful present from my brother (who is in prison for the next 24 yrs.) So it is really special to me. It is a single pearlescent rosy pink rose that sits in a varnished sandstone base. It looks to be hand made. It is so very precious to me as he is.  Today is his birthday so I want to shout out to my brother HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  Stephen I love you and Miss you!!

   The last three days or so I have been keeping busy crocheting little bowls out of yarn. I plan to give a nested set of them to my dear sister-in-law who gave me the yarn to play with :O) I really hope she will make use of them! But I am not telling you who until after she gets them :o)

  Now who wants to win a lot of fabric besides me?
  Well here's your chance!!!

  Win a lifetime of fabric

  Just click on the link and it will take you directly to the form to fill out :O)
  Betcha thought I would keep this little linky all to myself didn't ya?
  As tempted as I was my good side won out so here ya go :o) Aren't I just so very nice?;o)
  Anyway, I've got to get back to making more yarn bowls  for my desk and crafting table and fancying up my binder clips. I also have my tote bag to finish. I am gonna try to do a tutorial on the tote bag. Hehe, I guess that is why it is taking me so long to do it as I am a bit nervous. It has been three weeks in the making so far as I can only handle sitting upright for a small amount of time before my back starts screaming at me to lay it down with the ice pack.

  Have a very creative week and hope to see you soon ya'll! *waves a paw*

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