Saturday, August 4, 2012

Paper a la Mode Challenge- Packaging

Hey there Everyone,

This is my entry in the Paper a la Mode Challenge. The theme this week was Packaging. I chose to upcycle a couple of Vlasic pickle jars. I am showing them in action :o)

This has been a particularly rough week for me and it is still not quite over for me. It may be quite some time before things settle down for me.

 But in great news my poor father-in-law is back home and out of the hospital and Praise God he did not need the ileostomy!

Upcycled pickle jars

This week was especially painful but it did not stop me from enjoying my Nature!!!

Karen Michelle Roth

I may look like crap with my hair going every which way but loose, but I am so incredibly happy!!! I love my mountains and looking at my blue sky. No, I did not hike all the way up here. We drove most of it and I only walked a little bit of it. We saw a memorial for a gentleman who was loved. He was a an avid hiker and a hunter. I paid my respects and thanked him for sharing his wonderful beautiful view with us. It was so breathtaking to be able to see so far.

God is an amazing artist Himself......

May each of you have a very blessed weekend and a fantabulous week ahead!

Much Love,

Karen Michelle Roth


  1. Hi Karen,
    Your pickle jars are absolutely gorgeous, fabulous way to recycle :)
    I'm so pleased it was good news about your father-in-law :)
    Please feel free to enter my candy sweetie it doesn't matter at all that you have posted some already, you are a crafter the same as most of us and are more than welcome :)
    The "candy hunters" in blogland are the people who follow a blog, enter the candy and stop following & vanish again when they don't win and rejoin again when they see a new candy posted in somebody's sidebar. When I have visited the blogs of these people they never post anything exept candy on their blogs, no sign of a card, scrapbook page etc, just the whole blog full of candy which makes me think do they even craft or are they just searching for the candy giveaways!
    hugs Mandy xx


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