Friday, August 10, 2012

Creative Freebie Challenge- Young Friends at the Fence

Hey there Everyone,

I'm a running really late with this challenge.

I have decided to use both images on one card this time.

Nothing like young friends in the Summer

The first one I made I ended up trashing as I had spilled water all over it ruining it.

Well, I called today and they said it looks like they are going to approve my Celebrex after my three weeks of being without it.  The lady I spoke with said that I should call back Monday to see where they were in the process of writing and sending the letters to my doctor, my pharmacy and myself. So keep those prayers coming for pain relief until I actually get it into my hands, please. 

I am currently struggling through making another paper crafting project for one of the other challenges that is due tomorrow. I hope to get it done before they close the inlinkz this time. The last time they close it too early. Otherwise, it will be a late project. I just hope it turns out like I want it to. But even if I do not get it done in time I will still post it here. 


  1. Cut card Karen. I found you on Outlawz now I am a follower of your blog. Please come check me out at and become one of my followers.


  2. Fabulous card. So bright and cheerful with gorgeous colors. Hope you are feeling so much better these days.


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