Monday, September 10, 2012

Late Entry: Creative Freebie Challenge = Gone Fishing

Hi there Everyone! *Waves a Paw*
Sorry, I have been M.I.A.  but I have been rather ill with inflammation in my entire body. The doctor thinks I may have MS (Multiple Sclerosis).  So please keep me in your prayers.

Onto my EXTREMELY Late Entry:

Gone Fishing Card

Gone Fishing Card Closeup

I gave him a camouflaged shirt to make it appropriately male *wink, wink*

I managed to just barely hike wonderful Silver Falls Recreation Trail.

Climbing Silver Falls

Coming Back down Silver Falls on the other side of the bridge at the top.

Me drinking from Silver Falls at the very top of the falls just past the bridge at the top.

The wonderful view from on top of Silver Falls.
This was a very special trip for me as this may very well be my last one ever due to my legs deteriorating on me.  I wish it had lasted longer, but my body did mot like the cold as it got so cold I hurt so very badly and had to end up running the heater in the van to warm back up. But the one night we stayed there it was like heaven.

I will always remember the babbling of the river, it was so peaceful and serene until the young clueless neighbors moved in and rudely woke us up at 6 a.m. chopping a log and yelling at each other from across the campsite. and as we were leaving another couple was coming in  and we figured it was best we left when we did so as not to get caught in the middle of an altercation between the two campsites. The young male was cocky, arrogant and thought he knew it all which is a very bad combo for out in the wild. (ie: They took off leaving their campfire smoldering with the log stuck halfway out. )

I am waiting on my doctor's office to call back with my Lab tests Results and to see where she wants to go from here. I just finished my last Medrol this morning, so I need to find out if it is ok to go back onto my Celebrex or not. So I hope she calls soon!

Sure have missed everyone {{{hugz}}}

Take care and remember to enjoy the little things as much as you can as you never know when you may lose the ability to do so. As spectacular as the big things are , it is the small things that make up your life, so learn to enjoy them in a new light.  

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  1. Hi, Love the fishing card! I saw you on outlaws followers forum and I am your newest follower! Hole you will follow me too :-) Cat


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