Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Color Challenge-Blue,Black & White

Hi there Everyone,

My entry for the Color Challenge is a wee bit late this week due to major pain and being unable to use my left arm at all today.

I tried a new flower tutorial I found online at Pinterest. It uses magazine pages and does not require glue or brads.  I found it here: How About Orange: Recycled paper Flower
My flower did not turn out like hers I think because my magazine page was too flimsy. But still I like it :o)  Marcelle,  this one is for you :O) I made it from a coffee ad. hehe, just kidding, Ya know I love ya!

I sure hope that tomorrow I feel better pain wise so I can work on this weeks card and my cards for the Creative Freebie Challenge. I have them printed out and sitting on my craft table to be colored ...does that count? ;O)

I pray that everyone is having a marvelous week {{{hugz}}}
Until next time, Keep being creative! 

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