Saturday, July 21, 2012

Paper a la Mode Challenge- Nature

Hello everyone,

How are we all doing? Me, well, I just finished another challenge over at Outlawz called the Paper a la Mode. This week is was based on a Nature only theme. So I thought I would get a bit creative and create myself a Nature themed notebook with notecards. Took me all week due to having a Fibromyalgia flareup due to the thunderstorms. For some reason by bulging disc does not like clouds either so it also decided to flareup severely. But it did not stop me from going out with my sweet sister0in-laws Ruthi and Maureen. We had a blast! Well, I sure know I did as this times was a belated birthday gift shopping trip. I made out like a bandit because the places we went had really good sales. Thank you Joann Fabrics and Goodwill Industries! They also took me out to lunch at this cute quaint little cafe that is also a bed and breakfast. I even ate semi-healthy! I had a Chicken Caesar Salad with Strawberry Italian Soda plus water :o) Thank you so much, Ruthi and Maureen, I love ya'!

Now onto my nature themed project :  *NOTE- Enlarged pictures may look blurry as I just could not get a clear photo of them, I think my hubby may have changed the usual settings and I cannot figure out how to choose the right settings for up close photos..Flippin' Fuji!  Oh, and in the background of the first photo you will see the main centerpiece, card basket and my bouquet for Our Vow Renewal. I still need to hot glue them. But I still have plenty of time as it won't be until June 28,2014 :o) I will also be making a Victorian Ballgown to wear. As well as a quilted wall hanging to hang up behind us while we are saying our vows :o) So some time I need to get started on those.

Nature themed notebook and card

Inside of Nature themed notebook with notecards

One of sixteen notecards for the nature themed notebook.

Sentiment on front of nature theme notecards.

I hope everyone has a very blessed week ahead of them and may you remember to find joys in the little things :o)

Much Love,

 {{{hugz}}} to ALL!


  1. Karen your card and note book are wonderful!! I didn't know you had a blog?!! I have no time to upkeep one..maybw when I retire lol Have a blessed Lords day!!

    1. Thank you very much, hun{{{hugz}}}

      It usually only takes me about 10-20 minutes per post. Depending on how intricate it is. Most of the time is a spent setting it all up, but once you get the basics down then it is really simple to add a post.

      you have a very blessed day as well! I am trying to rest mostly today as I overdid it yesterday while out with the sister-in-laws and I am definitely feeling the pain today. But it was so fun!!!!

  2. Oh Karen, don't curse Fuji! I love their cameras and have been struggling with a Kodak that's supposed to be easy. (I think I'm used to having some say in how my photos are taken, and this camera is just too dang basic!) nice that you got to go out shopping, eating, and hanging with your people! Your projects look great, and I so cannot wait to see how your vow renewal projects turn out!

    1. Hehe, well, hun the camera I REALLY want is :

      Fuji's menus are just too complicated and finicky to use. Plus the version we have is getting obsolete. But unfortunately we cannot afford the camera both my hubby and I want on a single SSI income of $744.00 a month. So for now it is just a dream to us.

      You see, my hubby is the photographer and I am a Graphics Artist and Web Designer. I just shoot photos for fun. Especially waterfalls, I LOVE my waterfalls!


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