Sunday, July 29, 2012

LATE ENTRY: Creative Freebie Challenge-Little Suzy

I had already done Lady Roxann for the Creative Freebie Challenge but I also just HAD to do little Suzy as well!

I am late with her as I have lost the use of my left arm due to extreme pain because my insurance refuses to pay for my Celebrex and my doctor has been out of the office for the last week. Because I am considered a "Complex Case" by the new Hospital's policy( the hospital took over the clinic ) no other doctor in the clinic will treat me because of this policy.  I can sort of see their point, but I think they should make an exception for when my doctor is out of the office or on vacation. I really need access to medical treatment 24/7/365 and not just when my doctor is in. My doctor will not be in until Monday which means I will have gone a week without my anti-inflammatory which means my body is wracked with pain from top to bottom,literally! I have pain in my eyes because they are swollen, I have pain in my left arm due to inflammation, and I have pain in my rump due to having Fibroids on my Piriformis muscle which makes sitting rather painful. I have to sit on an inflatable ring everywhere I go, it is quite embarrassing!

Then on top of that, my poor father-in-law Don a.k.a. Pa Bear or Bear-Bear has ended up in the hospital with his intestine folding into itself and blocking all passage of the bowels. They did a procedure on him last night that so far seems to be working but he still has a tube in place to aid in the draining of his bowels.

We were supposed to be celebrating his 85th birthday yesterday. The poor guy, he should not be in the hospital during his birthday!

So if you could keep him in your prayers I and the family would greatly appreciate it! Thanks!!!

Suzy was a fun image to color, I loved her little dress and cute!

So without further ado, Here is Little Suzy.....

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  1. Hope you are getting some relief and feeling better! So sorry to hear that your F-I-L wasn't well; hope he is doing much better and healing quickly!


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