Friday, July 13, 2012

Creative Freebie Challenge: Girl

Here is my 2nd entry in the Creative Freebie Challenge :O)

I'm surprised I made two cards in the same day,lol I must have been feeling good!

Thank you so much for your cute little girl, Anne!

My goal for her was to turn her into a Peace -lovin' hippie chic :o)

I do not think you can see the background behind her very well but I colored it to look like a fading sunset. I drew waves in the water to look like the ocean. I took and drew vines that have wrapped around her leg and arm. I gave her some eyeshadow. It really is gorgeous in person.

My peace sign drawing looks like mud up against Anne's girl digi, but at least it gives off the hippy vibe I was aiming for :o) .

The heart on her jeans expresses my love for you all , my newfound cardmaking friends :o) The butterfly expresses the inspiration you all have given me since the time I started with the bloghops. The vines and flowers represent nature which I love very much (minus the snakes and spiders). The water represents the peace that flows over me from knowing Jesus as my Saviour, brother and friend. The flame represents me being refined through my daily pain-filled days. The paper flower represents my soul opening up into a beautiful creature.

Thanks for letting me take place in the challenges. I have much to learn and supplies to get as money allows. I do have a paper & ribbon fetish I can never get enough of either,lol. Yes, I love lace and pearls ,too! I'm such a sentimental romantic at heat <3

I hope you are all staying cool these days and I pray that garden survive this heat.

Much Love,



  1. Super cool, Karen. Love the blue eye shadow and the fun flower.
    Blessing hugs,

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! I had a lot of fun with her :o)

  3. Adorable image and love that flower
    I just added myself to your page

    1. I had a lot of fun creating the flower, but I think next time I will wear my rubber gloves,lol. My fingers ended being an orchid color for a week!

      Thanks so much for the follow and I have reciprocated the follow :o)

      Have a great day!


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