Thursday, February 20, 2014

Please Help Me Out.....Help me get back home

Please will you please donate to my plane ticket fund to help me get back to my parents?

I have not seen my parents, nor have I spoken to them in 10 long years due to my mother's stubborn pride and unwillingness to forgive me. It was they who disowned me,  not the other way around,  Now when they need me the most I want to be there for them but I cannot be due to my Ankylosing Spondylitis and possible Cancer zapping us of all needed funds. My hubby and I only live on my hubby's SSI Benefits each month.

Please help me, please. I am not some spammer who wants to scam you all. I am a desperate wife and daughter who truly wants to help her parents in the short time she has left. In fact, just this morning I spoke with the lady from the Assisted Living place that has Memory Care because I want to try and keep my parents together. I also asked her to visit my folks to let them know that I am only trying to help from a very long distance away.....I live in Washington and my parents live in Kansas. This is utter torture for me! I want to be there for them and to show them that I do love them and always have. I also want to be able to visit my only brother who happens to be in prison.

 Please help me however you are able to whether it is with a donation of $ 1.00 or a $100.00.


I now have $250.00  in my plane ticket fund thanks to my brother, which was not easy for him to send as he is in prison and gets paid so little on his job. So Bro, here's a shout out to you I love you and Miss you bunches and I really hope to see you soon {{{hugz}}}!

I would have had a loan of $5000,  but it turned out to be a scam. Boy, do I ever feel the fool.

I just really want to get back home,  please,  won't you consider even a $5.00 donation?

 For $5.00 I will make and print out some pretty Stationery and my Daily Schedule.

 For $10.00,  a lacy bookmark. You choose the color,  I choose the style :o)

 For $25.00. I will throw in a hand crocheted Cross with a brightly painted wooden frame

 For $35.00 I will make a scarf of your choosing. I will show the patterns to choose from in a blog post. 

 For $50.00 I will make an heirloom Beaded Christmas Ornament.  

 For $100.00 I will make an Heirloom Bedspread. 


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