Sunday, February 16, 2014

Gentle Whispers of Love is Born... But First an Urgent Request.....


I have officially opened my Store, but it will be exactly one month and a half before I am able to add any of my items to the storefront due to personal reasons for which I am imploring your help....

I just received a call from my brother today letting me know that my Father is not doing well at all. It is because he has Alzheimer's. He has gotten really bad. I really want to fly back for a month  to spend time with my parents and my brother. I also want to mend broken fences with my mother.

But this presents a huge problem.... I am flat broke, someone has a lien on my van and my health has tapped us for every penny that we are worth so I am imploring of my followers, friends, family to donate to my plane ticket fund....The total I need is $ 500.00 I can get the one month package for less but I want to buy myself something before I have to say goodbye to my parents for the rest of my life as my health is just as bad as theirs is.

I want to purchase my ticket for April 1, 2014 -May 4, 2014 I want to get there before my Dad's birthday. 

Will you please help me out? I would be forever grateful.

Here is my button - 

Left to right- My father, My Mother, My Brother, My Lovely Daughter

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