Friday, February 14, 2014

Not sure if I should even continue blogging....


 I'll be honest with you about a little event that happened between last night and this morning.....

I reached out to what I thought was going to be a helpful blogger to do a Guest Post for me for while I am trying to get my physical pain back under control.  Instead of responding to me directly this person took what I had asked in complete innocence not even dreaming that this person would take what I had said to them about "making it worth their while" (ie. Meaning a handmade necklace and earring set as a surprise for helping me out while I am completely down on my luck due to health turning for the worse) the completely the wrong way. They thought it was me asking for a a post for money....Can you even believe that?  Did they help me out, oh yeah,  by making me a complete laughing stock of the whole world wide web. They took my comment asking for help and posted it on their blog breaking it down as to why they would not help me and actually laughing at me about it. Did they not realize that I am a follower ( make that Ex-follower) of their blog and that I would recognize my own writing?! That really hurt....deeply....I had asked for help and this is how they treated me *hangs head in defeat*

I realize I am not the established blogger that they are although I have been giving all I have into my blog but my health going to pots... {You know, the molestation, the rapes, the pregnancies and the loss of my children plus a miscarriage and my parents disowning me, the domestic violence by my ex-husband that almost killed me, the truck wreck that did kill me but God brought me back to life, the being shot, my only brother being in prison for life without parole}, but did they have to be so cold-hearted about it? All I can say is that I hope they enjoyed tearing me completely down to nothing but shattered pieces....Thanks for your kind and generous help.

However, I did apologize publicly on their blog and this decision has been haunting me all day today which is the day I should have been enjoying my sweet developmentally disabled husband.

There may not be a next time,


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