Monday, January 20, 2014

No News is Good News Right?

Hello Friends,

     I still have not heard yeah or nay on me yet, but he thinks it may be benign but he does not want to say for certain until he has read my MRI's with and without contrast which will take place on Friday the 24th.

    I also have to have the Holter Monitor Test on the 22nd since my heart is deciding to do cartwheels in my chest when I lay down to sleep every night and I get really short on breath as well

     In other news, great news! Our Box Springs are on their way!!!!! Oh, May God Bless Ben's family sooooo much for helping us with this {{{{{BIG BEAR Hugz))) Thank You so very much :oD I cannot tell you just how much it will be easier for me to get in and out of bed and to get rid of that junked out queen sized mess will be a sweet blessing in disguise :o) I will finally be able to get into my chest of drawers and over to my bookshelves....Oh, How I have missed my books!

Speaking of which....Does anyone have any crafting books they would be willing to send me, please? 3inch 3 ring binder and sheet protectors? It would be for my printed out Crochet patterns.   Just email me if ya do :o) This is a year of learning new things and to do it scared anyway. Besides getting hyper organized. Once I get to being a professional blog I want to seriously start a Craft Swap each month. We would ask every to sign up with an email and then we would start by taking the email below ours and send them the craft supplies we were done with that way there would be no waste or storage problems for anyone and everyone could come up with one project out of the supplies they were sent and we would hold a Linky Party to show off that one craft :oD So tell me what you think, ya think ya might like to do that? If so, Let me hear ya leave a comment at the end of this post :o) I would like to call it: Major Mustard's Pickle.

     I have a super cute couple of projects in the works so hang on while I take pics of them so I can get them posted!  They are a complete secret until I post them. Mwahahahah!

     In Savings news, My health insurance has approved my Humira for the next year!!!!! Woohoo, yeah right, I know. I'm not too keen on having to give myself shots every other week for the rest of my life thanks to the good 'ol li' gene I inherited, most likely from my father so I pray that he gets himself genetically tested to find out for sure as this might very well be the reason for all the physical pain he has had. But I had better pull up my Big Girl pants and buck up.

     I know my parents were hurt and angered by my leaving the way I had, but it really was best for everyone in our family that I did so. So that  I could find out what had been cursing our family health for so long, now I know, I pray that they will forgive me and take me back again.  This is my fervent prayer every single night. I would love nothing more than to have them present at our Vow Renewal.   I do love them, but it was they who rejected me and not the other way around. I just pray that God will soften their hearts and give them a true reality of who Jesus really is.
     But now that I know this information I am able to pass it onto the authorities where my children and parents live and maybe even help them even though at the present moment they all hate my guts and never want to see me again, but truly I have only a deep mother's love for both of my children and I pray that they too will forgive me for just leaving to get the help I needed and that my parents never would have been able to afford. I have wept every birthday and holiday because I miss them so, but my mother is a very stubborn woman who needs emotional help as does my father. But I pray each day for God to Shine His face down upon them and to bless them richly. I just pray that one day they will all see the truth for what it is. That alot of my behavior was just a reaction to theirs.

  Anyhoo, enough of the sad story and that is not even half of it, but I have chosen to forgive them so I will not use their sins against them any longer. Just keep praying for a happier ending to my story please.

Until Next Time,

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