Wednesday, January 15, 2014

My Prayers and Yours Are slowly Being Answered......

Hey there, My Friends,

Just a quick post before the hubby takes over the bandwidth, lol

My Doctor called this morning and while she is not ready to put me on Fenatanyl (?sp.) patch, she is ready to bump me up to maybe the Lidocaine Patch provided that my new insurance will cover it. I have an appointment to discuss this with her the 17th. So pray really hard for me, please {{{hugz}}}

I have changed the look of my blog in hopes of looking a bit more professional until the someday I can afford to get my own setup.

I am also trying to talk our family into helping me get my glasses since my insurance will only pay for the eye exam.

I have finally broken down and ordered myself a nice set of  15 cubby hole unit for my crafts and it should be here the 17th as well. I am super stoked, I love to be organized! It improves so much including my emotional well-being.  I am setting my blog organization and time management up. I will be working on it some more.

Oh, how I long to be able to hold my own Giveaways.....It will come, just do not know when, but I will think of something even if at first it is nothing more than some of my own handmade greeting cards or maybe a needle book :o).

You guys and gals are the bestest! Love you all so much {{{hugz}}}

Well, I better get this posted so ....

Until Next Time,

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