Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Let's Give Wild Olive Some Love Ya'll

Hello Dear Friends,

While I was out tripping around in cyber space to fill my time tonight since I am in too much pain for anything else I stumbled across the absolute cutest blog I have ever seen! Her sweet name is Wild Olive and she loves to embroider and right now is holding a contest that is only on for one more day so ya better hurry.....Run do not walk over to her and give her some big Blogher wuvings......

I am going to be moving up in the pain med level I will soon be on Morphine. Also have an appointment to see my doctor on the 27th as I have found a lump. So keep me in your prayers. Hence the reason I have not been online much, I have just simply been in too much pain.

But anyhoo, 'nuff about me until later when I find out something concrete.

I'm off to visit with Wild Olive some more so ......

Until Next Time,

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