Sunday, January 5, 2014

Is Your Computer Protected.....

Hello Bloggy Friends,

In all seriousness, is your computer protected from the the "New Hackers on the Block 2014"?

I personally use +Avast Internet Security. I do not usually back a product, but this baby is one that I swear by and I back it 300%.

I have had many backdoor attempts from seemingly innocent beautiful pictures and +Avast has caught every single one. So I encourage you to get +Avast and scan every file before you open it.

The crooks are getting smarter by the day and most of them are really slick and might even be your best friend without you even knowing that they are living a double life. Most hackers are very intelligent and very bored and looking for excitement in their lives so....

Get +Avast and stop them cold in their tracks and bite the bug before it finds you!

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