Tuesday, December 31, 2013

tillie tulip - a handmade mishmosh: Photo tutorial of how to create the daisy

tillie tulip - a handmade mishmosh: Photo tutorial of how to create the daisy: To beg - chain (ch) 5 and join to form a circle Round 1: ch 2, 11 double crochet (dc) into ring Round 2: change to ...

This is such a lovely project..... I have yet to do it because I have been so busy working on my Keepsake boxes, Christmas Ornaments, a lace angel, a lovely butterfly and pearl wreath, Also trying to finish my Crochet hook case...I have also started a jean purse I am making out of a pair of shorts I can no longer fit into. I am hoping to get on it and finish it tomorrow. I want to add one of +Tillie Tulips gorgeous flowers but I am thinking of using embroidery floss for it that way I can maybe have 2 on it :o).

I also have a tree skirt I want to do but I am lacking the burlap :o(.  Anyone just happen to have some I can have? I will give you my address by email if you would be willing to mail it to moi *crosses fingers and prays real hard* Please, oh,  please?!

I have a plethora of Crocheting projects backed up to yang yang and now I have a bug to learn how to knit (needing size 8 & 10 aluminum needles and cannot afford them at the moment and .....a very big AND... I wanna learn how to Even Count Peyote Stitch......

Wooo! There I told you my New Years Resolutions :oD Whaddya think? I am trying desperately to keep attainable resolutions this year that is if my body would just stop fighting my spirit.....*sigh*

God please shine your face upon all of my followers and bless them richly and abundantly in this new year....

Until Next Time,


For now, I will leave you with my sweetest dream...... Renewing My Wedding Vows wearing this dress with tweaking of course ;o)

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