Friday, December 6, 2013

Computer Died.......Trying Earnestly to bounce back

Well, this was an unexpected problem.... Both my power supply and hard drive bit the computer dust and both have gone to computer heaven..... I do believe though that my dear sweet hubby Ben has ordered the parts I need as surprise early Christmas gifts. Bless his dear little heart! Oy Vay! Well I just wanted to quickly let everyone know this and the fact that I have finally received my diagnosis. I have a disease that most people cannot even pronounce "Ankylosing Spondylitis" and more people than not do not even know what it even is. So let me give you the quick version:
About Ankylosing Spondylitis
If you love me as you say you do, then please use this link to look up all the information and even read the patient stories as that is the real truth about this disease. Unfortunately, I do not have the money for the membership fee. Joining this Association would be a tremendous benefit to me as I do care for a developmentally disabled husband.

I have also learned that I have a bone tumor (Enchondroma) in my left hip. They think I have had it since I was a child but I am not thinking so because this is a very new pain that started shortly after my Thyroid problems started. They have said that if it is found in an adult that it can grow to become Bone Cancer. We are praying desperately that it does not become cancer.  So to be honest I am really frightened.

 I am going to get a too real for a moment: We are so poverty stricken that I am sleeping on a couple of worn out foam pads on the floor and my hubby is on an air mattress on top of our broken bed. This is so troubling to my dear hubby because he knows enough to know it is his job to provide for us and he cannot due to his disabilities.My body is in severe pain but that pain does not compare to the pain in my heart and my soul when considering my poor hubby's dilemma.

 While I am pleased that people do have warm comfortable furniture during this Christmas Season and warm, safe houses, I would like to encourage those who do have more than enough to please help those who are less fortunate than you. Because, Folks, Loving your neighbor as yourself really needs improving upon in our society today. We have folks right here in (Anytown, USA) that are doing without every day basic necessities because like myself they are too ill to work and the state will not help out enough. As I am saying this I am going without most of my medications as we just do not have the money to buy them and most of them are not available through Patient Assistance Programs.
Dear sweet Ruthi, We so love you so much because even though you have the least money in the family you have helped us the most. The others in our large family could learn a most needed lesson from you and we pray that they do. Thank you for showing us both that you truly do treasure our lives enough to be what we need you to be when we need you to be it.You have shown to us that life is more precious than things and vacations.That the human life is a very precious gift and should not be wasted. That it should be spent showing God's love to those who are with, for us, and around us. You have given out of your need and not out of your excess and God will truly bless you for it all. Thank You Dear Sis {{{hugz}}}

All this to say this, Family should be willing to aid the members of their families who are not doing well no matter how much it costs because that is what being a family means. You all stick together through the thick and thin of life.The Good, Bad and the Ugly. That is what being a family means. You love, treasure, support, comfort, and aid those you say you love. Because Folks that is what God's True Love is all about. If you are not doing this then God's Love does not reside within your heart. Because if you can help complete strangers but not your own flesh and blood (this includes through marriage), then God's Word states that all your giving amounts to nothing in His eyes. Because  true Charity begins at home in the family unit.

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