Saturday, December 7, 2013

A Little Christmas Dreaming........A Mournful Remembering of a Christmas Past....

A Little Christmas Dreaming

Peace I Give To You
"Peace I give to you,
My Peace I give to you;
Not as the world giveth,
Give I unto you.
Let not your heart
 Be troubled, Neither
 Let it be afraid."
John 14:27

As I sit here this night my first "real" night back to my computer since my power supply died in the middle of the night while I was sleeping fitfully, I am dreaming of a fresh Shabby Chic Victorian Christmas decorations and I must say that I have found a ton of inspiration on Hand Beaded Ornaments Which I am dying to start making. 
I bought small emerald green and pearl colored ornaments for a $1.99 each at my Bi-Mart right next door to me for my kitchen/dining tree I found in the dumpster. Let's get it straight, I am no dumpster diver but if something is on top where I can reach or {as we do here} is sitting on the ground beside the dumpster that no one wants any longer then I get it if I like it....Are we straight now :o)?  I snagged a $385.00 Italy Made Tapestry of the "Last Supper" that way ^.^. I am so longing to get it mounted professionally so it can hang in my Living Room. But cannot afford it.

I also have this Pinterest Board : Christmas

Christmas holds bittersweet memories for me, but I still love the spirit of the season with Christ being the Reason for the wonderful season we do enjoy. I had a family tragedy happen on Christmas of 2008.{It was horrid that is all I will say, if you truly want to know what happened just email me and I will answer you.  I am finding that even though I have no trouble talking about it that most folks are too stunned or feel too awkward about it to talk. But I will say that God is bringing good from it.  My broken heart still feels for the other family involved. I still pray for comfort and peace for them all nightly. Everyone involved suffered a great costly loss. I think I have suffered just as hard as the others involved, but it has struck a deep thread within my soul that just refuses to let it go. }

Christmas is still my favorite holiday and always will be but not without haunting memories ever so vivid. But with God's help I am able to still move forward although not perfectly. I am ever so grateful for God's Love and Grace. So with this being said I have made a vow to start making things that will outlast my life and leave a legacy behind for my children if they should forgive me and want it.. Life is too precious to waste a moment! 

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