Monday, May 19, 2014

A Blanket to Dye for.....My Current Undertaking....

How Do You Do?

This is my latest undertaking :

Torn Fringe Trim
Torn Fringe Trim 
The Fringe is mostly reusable, Yeah! Free Trim for me!

The Blanket to Dye for....It was given to me by a neighbor for free.
I am in the process of trying to dye it blue. Pray that the Kool-aid works as the Food Coloring did not :o(.


I just love the Crewel work on this blanket, but I despise it being white in a place that owns a black haired puppy. So I really want it to be blue!

I am going to let it soak tonight since I have added Blue Raspberry Lemonade +Kool-Aid to the water. Please pray it works. It has been soaking for three days in just food coloring but it did not even touch it.

I am also dyeing white rose petals I need for our Vow Renewal. 

My Hubby is sooooo very sweet! He bought me white yarn and an extra packet of +Kool-aid! Guess what I am going to do ? I am going to try dyeing my yarn blue. I am so excited! Got a question though.....Do I let it dry out in the sun? I would have to lay it over our railing...or on my chair :o)  I had to explain to my loving hubby that the excitement was in the actual process of dyeing the Yarn as he asked a very earnest question of, "Why don't you just buy blue yarn?"  His strength is dealing with Computers, Mine is Creativity. 

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