Monday, May 5, 2014

Very Painful Vacation & A New Diagnosis

I know I was gone for a long time....Want to guess where I have been?

I was admitted to the local hospital after an Emergency Trip to the ER.

I spent three long days and 2 even longer nights in the hospital.

Short story is that I ended up having a really nasty infection, tons of longstanding inflammation throughout my entire body and a unsuspected abscess growing in my colon. I honestly did not even know I had anything until the Colonoscopy procedure on the very painful last turn  but I went on home and scrubbed my toilet and at 6:30 a.m. the very next morning I had a Temperature of 100.7. I was able to get it back down until after my nurse called me back and said straight to ER with you do not pass Go. Then once I had been in ER for a few hours it spiked again to 100.3.

It seems the Colon Scope had struck my Abscess on the last turn back out and that is what triggered everything into motion..

My new very much unwanted Diagnosis is Ulcerative Colitis.  Here is a good site to learn more about this little nasty disease

I am still very weak so I am off for now but wanted to keep you all updated.

Until Next Time,


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