Monday, May 19, 2014


Welcome, My Friends!

I am sorry that I have been offline for so long, but the net connection we are currently using is up ...then it's down...then it's up ....then it's down. Which I mean it is down more than it is up :o(.

I so want a dedicated line, but we still owe $129 and some change on our old bill that my hubby refuses to pay. It would be so lovely if I could open our mailbox one of these days and have a gifted check to pay for our bill so we could get hooked back up again. But as of now, it is just wishful dreaming and right at the time I so want to get professional with my blog and non-profit. Just another mountain standing in my way.

 Lord, help me overcome this obstacle in my way, please. You are my provider Jehovah Jireh. Thank you for meeting this huge need of ours. I Thank you and praise your Holy Name and i ask this in Jesus Precious, Precious Name, Amen. Now who will stand in agreement with me? 

I have been using my down time to work on WIP's and I actually finished two of them last night!


Glittered hearts
Glittered hearts

Paint Chip Hearts
Paint Chip Hearts


Chronic Illness Butterfly
Chronic Illness Butterfly -
I chose Blue to represent +Chronic Illness
 as I suffer with several Chronic Illnesses.

Courage, Inspiration, Love
Courage, Inspiration, Love -
I chose Red to help me gain Courage,
To give me Inspiration while Crafting,
And to remind me that the greatest of all is Love.

All Things are Possible....

The beginning of Faith is just to simply Believe

Live, Laugh, Love, Finished
Live, Laugh, Love finished

Believe Finished
Believe Finished

The paper flower was made by me out of a coffee filter that I had dyed.
The streaks you see on Believe is just where I took my ink pad and ran it around the outside edges of the canvas then I just held it even with the canvas and rubbed it up and down the canvas.

FYI: The three colors you see on my canvasses are the colors I am going to use on my Major project.....A Free standing Bathroom Cabinet. I am so excited to do it but I resent the work it takes to just be able to paint it...ughhhh! But it will totally be worth it when I am finished I do believe :o)

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