Monday, May 19, 2014

A Tad Late......My Easter Tablescape

Just Ducky
Just Ducky 
Front View
Front View

Quilted Carrot Runner
The Quilt-as-you-go Carrot Runner I made :o)

Drawing of Jesus
My Favorite drawing of Jesus done by an 8 year old girl who had died and was sent back with the extraordinary gift for drawing and painting. You can see it in the book "Heaven is for Real

Front Left View
Front left view

Some Bunny Love ya!

In the last two pictures you can see all the coffee filters I was dyeing at the time for a wreath I still have not yet had the chance to make as I need a wreath form to do it, lol. I got a bit ahead of myself :o)

The white runner is a gift from my mother-in-law.
The bright yellow placemats were a gift from a dear church friend Lucy.

The main part of the centerpiece is a mason jar craft I did ages ago for Easter. I put floral foam in the jar and poked some faux flowers from the +Dollar Tree covered the top with grass and a couple of plastic eggs. At the time I had a tree branch poked into it as well with little cardstock birds I had made hanging from the branches along with a few eggs. Then I tied a silk ribbon around the top of the jar. <---free :o="" p="" tutorial="">
I take Easter very seriously as well as Christmas. Because without the Lord I would not be alive to be typing and blogging. So I am very Thankful to the Lord for the many times He has saved me from certain death.

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