Monday, May 21, 2012

Teaching Myself To Embroider

I am determined to teach myself how to do Elegant Embroidery. I want to incorporate some of it in our Vow Renewal Ceremony.

I am thinking of embroidering with matching beads on my ballerina slippers and I am also wanting to make a embroidered heart shaped ring pillow for Pepper (Our dog) to wear on her fancied up harness as she will be our Ring Girl ^.^.

I have a beautiful design all picked out and ready to transfer to the light oatmeal colored cotton fabric I found that I think could be a linen.

The design will be a oval with ribbon flowers at the top and the bottom of the oval with embroidered stems and leaves and little French Knots hanging from some stems. There will be our Monograms at the bottom just above the flowers then just above the monograms I think I will add two ribbon roses with several light colored 1/8" satin ribbons to tie the rings on with. I think I will do it in the colors of the fabric I am using for the skirt part of my dress.

The fun part will be convincing Pepper not to try to scratch it off. O.0 LOL

This is the day I became her official owner Oh Happy Day!

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