Sunday, May 20, 2012

Early Birthday Celebration with Family

I just had a most wonderful time celebrating my 40th birthday with most of my family!
I received a beautiful teal blue tie-at-the-waist sweater from the Matron of the family. My Sister-in-Laws surprised me with a $50 "Girls Day Out" coming up in June. My Niece and Nephew-in-law gave me some wonderful fat quarters and three postcards from Hawaii.

It was so wonderful!

Then this evening I took a very short romantic walk with my hubby. That was the highlight of my day! I fell in love with him all over again. It was so lovely to gaze at the foothills, to see the lights reflecting on a pond and to see Pepper, our dog, jumping through the field of high grass. The frogs croaking to each other, It is so romantic the way they answer each others call. The crickets were chirping along. A very sweet birdie sung a happy birthday song to me. It was truly a beautiful moment and the perfect way to end my day.

With that, I bid you all a Good Night and happy crafting until next we meet :o).

Much Love,


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