Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Good News and Even Better News

Hello Everyone,

Today is a grand day for me......

I found out that my MRI of my head came back normal which means there is no tumor like originally thought. Still does not explain my symptoms though. Maybe it is just a new form of headache that I have never had in the past. I am going to see if I can see a headache specialist as this was just too painful to ignor especially when my vision was so affected.

The greatest news of all I won my auction and am now the proud owner of a dainty Victorian matching necklace and earring set. 

Victorian Earrings

Victorian necklace

I have also purchased a lovely pair of hand beaded appliqués. I am thinking I may use them on my veil on the main layer which reaches down to my ankles or thereabouts. Thinking I will finish it with some lace trim and possibly with other smaller appliqués and extra pearls and crystal type beads.
Hand beaded Appliqués
Happy Weddings and crafting!

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