Sunday, May 6, 2012

My Vow Renewal Plans

Hey there Everyone,

I have pretties to show you today!
Lace, trim, ballet slippers, and the pattern for my Vow Renewal dress I am hand making.

This is the pattern I plan on using with some tweakage.

This is the fabric for the skirt and maybe the upper sleeves. But I have not completely decided on that .

These are the hand made English Ladies Style of leather Ballerina slippers I plan on embroidering with beads and adding ribbons to. But the ribbons will be tied as they really should be tied which is only around the ankle with the knot discretely hidden on the inside of the ankle. I will not tie them up my leg as that is not safe to do and can actually lead to injuries.  I will be getting them from  Just Plain Flats. Check Bob out he does awesome work!

This will be the trim i will be using.

This is the imported lace I am using for the inside of the lower sleeves.

This is the hand beaded appliqué that I will hand sew to the bodice.

A matching Victorian necklace and earring set I have my eye on, I sure hope I win it!

Cannot see it too well, but this is the hairstyle I am aiming for if my hair will cooperate :o).

This is the cake I am aiming to imitate with a dairy-free cake recipe using a candy clay to cover it with. I know it won't be completely dairy-free as i will be using white chocolate for the clay. I will have to make a trial run of it first.

This is the invitation I designed myself. I am planning on printing it out on a soft blue paper with a tracing paper insert with a small blue bow on the inside.        

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