Saturday, May 26, 2012

Needle Case Tutorial

Hello Everyone,

Needle Case Tutorial

Handmade Needle Case

The inside of the needle case
 1. Cut fabric to the size you want.

*Note* You could embroider a design on the main front fabric and pocket before you start layering the pieces to be sewn together. I did not however.*
 I used a piece of felt for the inside piece to put the needles in.
 See Step 7.

The piping placement
2. Place main fabric right side up on table.
3.   Place piping on main fabric layer with the bump where the cord or yarn is on the inside.
*Note* I made my own piping out of a 1 inch strip of fabric and yarn.

adding the inside layer
4. Layer the inside piece right side down on top of the piping.

Adding the batting
5. Layer on your batting piece.

Pinning it all together
6. Layer on your last fabric piece. This piece does not matter whether you place right side up or down as it will not be seen. Pin it all around and stitch it leaving a 3 inch opening to turn it. Turn it right side out then top stitch all the way around the outside of the needle case.

Added pocket for embroidery scissors.
7. The pocket can be added on the inside piece before layering the pieces together or it can be added at the very end if you do not mind seeing the stitching on the backside of the case.

For the pocket, hem the top edge of the pocket piece. Then place it on the fabric where you want it and pin it on then stitch it.
* Note*  I put mine in the back side of the felt.

Adding the felt and marking sides for which kind of needles you want to put into the case.
8. Cut your felt to a size that is about a 1/2 inch smaller then the needle case and secure it to the inside of the case by stitching down the middle of the felt in the middle of the case.

9. Then take a ribbon of your choosing and cut it into 2 pieces of equal length long enough to tie a bow.  Stitch one side of the ribbon to the inside of the case at about the middle point on the front and back cover.

10. Close needle case by tying the ribbon into a bow.

There you have it ! Enjoy your new needle case :o)

Please send me pictures if you have used this tutorial I want to see your creativity and beautiful fabric choices.

Have a lovely creative day! Until next we meet. *waves*

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