Wednesday, April 27, 2016

# 1 Enemy in all the World.....

Hello Dear Friends and Followers,

I had not intended for this message today but it needs to be let known so perhaps you will understand why I have been missing in action on here for so very long....

I wish this were not true but it is and I can feel it in my body .... But I serve a Mighty God who is more powerful than what I am about to share with you all...AMEN!

I would like to ask for prayer today. I just found out accidentally through a snippet of an email of my last Sacroiliac MRI report that was sent to the on call doctor news that I should have received on 1/2014 but did not. I have had one of 2 forms of Cancers since then and only just now found out. Giant Cell Tumor or Chondroblastoma. I am in a lot of pain today. 
I may also have a Mycobacterium Avium Strain that I got from ingesting water from our water pipes. I had the water tested yesterday by the city water guy but he did not test the biofilm in the pipes like he should have. He said it would take a week to get the results back. But I live in a Rural community so they may not have the ability to do this. So who do I call next? The EPA?
Plus, My SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) is kicking into very high gear today. I have been closed out of my Therapy due to not having been able to attend my sessions since Jan. 2015 due to battling all this plus family issues, too.
But God is Good all the time!!! But I will admit I am afraid as I sit here and watch all my dreams go down the toilet. Our Vow Renewal I have been working on for the last 4 years, the dream of taking my Crafting Blog to the Professional level, to finally own a home with a lovely cottage style garden and my own Craftroom, being able to go hiking again, the Restoration of my children and the rest of my family to me under Godly circumstances and my deepest desire to have another baby to raise since I was forced to give up my children thanks to my mother. I can almost feel for the person who stated it is all meaningless..... But I know better even if I cannot see it right now. God has a Plan for me, not to harm me but to prosper me... That was the locusts ate He himself will restore after a time....that my suffering is temporal.....
My husband took off hiking today with the dog leaving me at home alone and he will not be back until after dark.
So please keep me in your prayers please......Karen

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