Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Long Time No See And I Can Really Use Your Prayers

Hello Dear Friends,

It has been one heck of a week for me.

First, it started off with me going to visit my Endocrinologist at +Virginia Mason  for my Thyroid, She promptly sent me straight over to ER as my Blood Pressure was 140/99 and my pulse was 129. Even after giving me 2 liters of fluids which normally affects the heart rate, it did nothing to mine and they could not get it to go below 111. So they released me back home to go see my regular doctor which I did the very next day who promptly diagnosed me with Sinus Tachycardia and an Enlarged heart.  It also appears it may all be because my COPD is getting worse.

 I am on doctor's orders to just rest and to avoid any and all kinds of stress at all cost. So I had to tell this to my boss ( the author) so please pray that he is very kind about it and actually lets me rest. It will be hard for him as we are truly down to the very last chapter of his book.

To be honest, I am downright scared of my future even though I know I should not be as a Christian but I am. I finally talked to a Friend from Church last night  about it. I just wish I could talk to my hubby about it but he keeps taking off to go hiking with the dog and leaving me alone for hours. I think and my friend thinks that it is because he cannot handle what is going on with my health and that he might be truly frightened but not knowing what to do about it. That coupled with his having a Mid-life Crises.

That is where it stands for now.

I will post more as I am able to do so.

Until Next Time,


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