Friday, July 31, 2015

New Horizon's Ahead: Learning to Adjust My Sails

Someone Welcome Me back home Please.

 I realize it has been many months since I have been able to post anything, but I do have very legitimate Reasons ( Not Excuses).

I have been struggling with many Extremely painful health conditions all at once ( Still lining up Doctor appointments and Tests) and  withdrawing from my Pain medicine (More on that Later.). Playing in the garden again and making new friends and losing some to cancers of various forms. 

I have just started treatment for my Complex PTSD and Depression. Well, in the planning stages anyway we are just discussing the program right now and my history of various Trauma's I have lived through and have never been treated for before. 

I have finally decided that I really want the things I have always dreamed about that has always stood on the other side of the FEAR I have dealt with since I was only 6 years old. So when you think about it I have wasted 37 years of my life due to my Complex PTSD.

I realize that it may affect me for the rest of my life and my relationships but I am only asking for Love, Compassion and Grace to be me, please, and that I will have to take medicine  for the rest of my life for it as well I am ready. 

This is a battle I have faced in Silence all these years due to the fact that simply I was born into a family that could not be trusted and that abused me in various traumatizing ways.

So you cold say that I am finally learning to "Adjust My Sails". I may not be able to settle the storms by myself but I can definitely go to the ONE who can and that is God. This will be a bumpy ride with my hubby's and His Family learning about my Complex PTSD , I mean actually learning about it and not just glossing over the facts and pretending that I am just Overreacting. They will have to learn a whole NEW way to communicate with me  so please pray that they will extend the Love , Compassion and Grace I am asking for.

Now, onto the More on That Later --Pain Medicine--

I was tripping across Youtube on day after getting off of my Opioid Medicine and found what might just save many lives and reduce alot of suicides in my Humble opinion. It was a seemingly long (hour and half) boring video from Stanford Medical University title "What is Fibromyalgia". It was a public education period in which they were educating Fibromyalgia Patients and Anyone who knew one.

But stay with me here Folks, it is so totally worth watching it until the VERY END Even past the Q&A! This is where you will learn about Low Dose Naltrexone 4.5mg. 

Please watch it and get anyone you can to Donate to this Research Study as they are having trouble obtaining enough funds to do a Large Study (They have already had two very successful Studies. )and it is difficult due to this medicine being an old medicine that has been on the market for awhile and it is very hard to get it produced in the low level that is needed as it is so old that Pharmaceutical Companies are not backing this Research Study. 

So without further ado I present the video:

Stanford Medical University Video "What is Fibromyalgia"?

Now onto Blogging News, I am still planning my New Masquerading Crafter Rebrand Celebration and New Blog. So keep that in Prayer as well, Please. This is a work in progress, but due to my health and pain at the moment it will take maybe a few months to get it started so I ask for Patience and Friendships and Encouragement.

Until Next Time,


  1. Welcome back Karen I know its hard sometimes to blog but keep going. One day at a time and make time for the things that you enjoy doing.

    1. Thank you so much for the much needed Encouragement.

      To Quote a dear Blogging Friend of mine, Rachel Wojo, " One Step at a Time". Get her book if you can it is called "One Step" I am getting mine at

  2. so nice to see you back my friend. Welcome Back xoxoxo


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