Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Update on Karen....

Hello My Friends,

August 22nd I had a Ischemic Stroke and then again on September 4th I had another one in the MRI machine. They kept me in the hospital for only 2 days then released me.

I saw my regular doctor yesterday and she is not too sure they were strokes but thinks it may have been Migraine related so she gave me a Referral to see a Neurologist. May have been Birth control pill related.

I stayed at home nursing what I 'thought' was a Severe Earache from the 22nd of August until my Cardiologist receptionist made me call 911 on September 3rd. Very foolish move!

So far all my heart tests have been negative except for an Inappropriate Sinus Tachycardia and High Blood Pressure.

So please pray that the doctors can figure it all out so we can prevent it in the future.

I am so very weak and extremely fatigued. Been sleeping alot.

That is all I know for now.

 I have an upcoming appointment with my Cardiologist.

They really want me to get back into Counseling again. So I have to make that appointment as well.

So far I have lost half of my smile and I have permanent Left Sided Weakness with my left hand being really fumbly. Lucky for me that I am Right Handed so that means I can still crochet!!!! But I am still alive, Praise God! The Lord is good and loving.

The Lord is guiding me through this dark valley one baby step at a time.

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