Monday, March 17, 2014

Missing in Action, Update and Special Request......

So Sorry I have not posted anything in so long but I ended up in the Emergency Room the last week.

May be TMI,  but you need to know it all  to semi understand the level of pain I have been dealing with for the past two weeks. The first four days I did not use my Prednisone thinking that resting and icing would get it back under control,  Major Ouch,  bad move do not copy me please!

But anyway here we go,

The ER visit revealed that I had Internal Hemorrhoids. Ouch # 1. In this case they are genetic not from straining.

My Two part Pelvic ultrasound found "Small Follicles" on both ovaries and during the past two weeks they have been taking turns 'popping'. Any Lady who has had this will understand this pain. Ouch #2.

Then I ended up with a severe AS (Ankylosing Spondylitis) flareup in my lower spine. Ouch #3. I am currently on Prednisone for it which has been helping which is why I am able to post today :o)

Then to top it all off,  I just found out I also have Sensorineural Hearing Loss. 74% loss  in my Left ear and 65% loss  in my right ear.  They want me to get a pair of Hearing Aids valued at $1900.00. There is no way I can do this and I have asked family for the help,  but have not heard back so if anyone has received them through the Medicaid Program please chat at me please!  All the hearing loss due to a stupid neighbor girl who lit a Ladyfinger Firecracker and stupidly kept holding it in her fingers even though I kept telling her to throw it down . However, She did suffer a consequence, lost part of her thumb. I am a bit angry about it, but I am choosing to forgive her.

I saw my doctor today and I am asking for the same doctor that put my IUD in as I do believe that I have had PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome) all this time and the Mirena IUD has made it worse. Ouch #4. If any other lady has this, please, chat at me. I am curious to understand the PCOS Diet and which medication is the best one. On this note, I am scheduled for a Contrast CAT Scan to make sure there are no masses that Dr. Longo needs to know about.

My Pulse rate today was 100. my blood pressure was 104/72 and I have lost from 155 down to 147 without trying to lose weight. I am starting to get a bit worried here as my heartbeat has slowed down.

I am also trying to get the money for a plane ticket back home. I ended up being scammed By EZ Cash Advance and had to close my account and open a new one.  I will try to get my link for Donations fixed later this evening if not , then it will be tomorrow morning. I am so sorry about the mess right now.

So please pray for me.

Until Next Time,

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