Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Day One of a New Journey

            I am beginning a new journey to rediscover my inner crafter. I call myself the 'Masquerading Crafter' due to the fact that I have Fibromyalgia. There are many days I can barely crawl or often times fall out of bed. But on the days I can do my crafts, I do! Right now I am experimenting with different modes and types of crafts. I have been a very crafty person from the beginning until tragedy struck ( whole other story) and my health took a turn for the worse.....I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia at the age of 31 yrs. although I had carried the symptoms for many years before I could never afford proper medical care. That is until I met my wonderful hubby! He has been my saviour in many ways. Thank you, Darlin', I love you!

            My mother-in-law keeps telling me I can write a novel about the way I have survived life during my troubled years of growing up and away from my biological family. It was the best move I have ever made in my life! I'm not a heroine I am just an average person who has just refused to let Satan win one more battle in my life, anyone can do that. It does not take a hero, just takes determination and some bruises that do heal after time with the right kind of attitude and love. It's all a matter of the right kind of attitude. Even I falter at that at times :-) . I'm human and prone to err!

            Anyway, back to my new journey, I have been interested in learning to scrapbook for a while now. There are just so many diverse ways to express yourself with scrapbooking, whether it be with albums, journals or making cards. It amazes me that you can take 10 women and put them in a room with each having the exact same supplies and you will end up with 10 different outcomes! Each one unique to the creator herself. Many times I think we, women, craft with our emotions more often than not and each of us is just as likely to be too critical of our own work thinking that someone else's work is better than our own. It's not that it is any better, it is just different. Each is to be treasured!! I have come many years before that saying to finally sink into my hard head.

           I am just sitting here playing with a design for my "Renewing Our Vows" Album and the color blue keeps coming back to mind as it resembles the old saying of one being "true blue". The fact that it is my hubby and my  favorite color isn't being considered, honestly !  I am planning a Victorian ceremony on my part complete with the ballgown and the hubby gets to wear his blue jeans and sneakers as that is his true self. I am so excited about it! I am eagerly making the crafts needed for the ceremony myself at a lesser cost than it would cost to just buy them ready made. In fact as I write this, I am eagerly awaiting my Antique Victorian silver bridal bouquet holder! Should be here tomorrow....*does little happy dance*

              I am just beginning my journey and I hope that you will join me and we can travel together.......

              Until next time Happy Crafting! Celebrate Life, Focus on what you do have even if it is not much, it may be more than the person next to you has.

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